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Le Bal Café: Amazing Food, Coffee, and Art at Place de Clichy

by Lindsey Tramuta
Written By

Lindsey Tramuta

Lindsey Tramuta is a Paris transplant from Philadelphia who fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to Paris. Cliché, right? Her blog, Lost in Cheeseland, covers some not-so-cliché topics and uncovers some aspects of Paris (or France, for that matter) that you might not already know. Through food, travel, love and obstacles, she experiences life in France. View Lindsey Tramuta's Website

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8 comments on “Le Bal Café: Amazing Food, Coffee, and Art at Place de Clichy

Such pretty photos! I love this cafe that screams anglo-saxon, though I had to get a second cappucino with a double shot of coffee to feel like I was having the real thing.

Genevieve Sandifer

I am definitely intrigued by the Kedgeree!

The scones are served warm, just as they should be! Obviously that was the first I tried kedgeree and I LOVED it!

Haven in Paris

I returned to have a lovely lunch at the Bal. We tried the Kedgeree and scones with raspberry Jam. This is a great, somewhat hidden, spot not to be missed!

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