Paris’ Best Bike Shops

by Eric Goldschein
Written By

Eric Goldschein

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Eric Goldschein is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and an avid writer at Assign Your Writer and traveler. Frequent adventures in the Americas have only piqued his interest to eat, stroll and write his way around the rest of the world. Luck and circumstance brought him to Paris and he hopes they will keep him here. View Eric Goldschein's Website

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17 comments on “Paris’ Best Bike Shops

I wanna purchase a new or second hand road bicycle like a biachi or pinarello
Where could I get one in paris

Craigslist, Le Bon Coin & Facebook Expat groups are the best places to search to find a bargain!

do you know if a Kjiffy urban trike can be purchased in any shop in France or from the manufacture directly and have it shipped to California USA.
I have been looking for one since I read an article about it,but they do not have any rep. in Usa.

Hi Ann,

I recommend contacting the manufacturer directly on their website: Otherwise, you may be able to find one at the Bicycle Store on boulevard du Temple. Good luck!

– Isabel/HiP Paris

I love Geppetto’s bike shop at 59 Rue de Cardinal Lemoine in Paris. Ane Marie and her staff are the best. Great rental rates, good on advising on routes and also helped us navigate a 2 plus hour night ride on Friday night with 200 riders in Paris. The best.

Although most areas have several bicycle stores, they aren’t on every street corner. In fact, depending on where you live, there may be only a few in your area. Even so, you should visit each shop to get a feel for which store is right for you

I love the blue heels, where are those from!?!

bike shop croydon

the shop looks awesome i would love to visit

I love my bike, and even though I am in Los Angeles, I feel it gives off such a parisian feel. It ussually has a Wicker basket filled with groceries from a farmer’s market

I’ve been so unsuccessful finding any good deals on or craigslist that when I came across vélo vintage through ebay it didn’t seem so expensive at all. Thank you Pierre for the other suggestions! Though I’ve kind of already accepted that if I’m going to buy the French bike of my dreams in Paris it’s probably going to cost me a premium..

I agree these shops may be worth having a look at, particularly Bicloune which has a great variety of original bike types, but these three are the most outrageously expensive in Paris!
I’ll add that Velo Vintage is ran by a couple of guys who are more interested in business than bikes.
If you need to purchase a bike in Paris, the best buys are to be found on Craigslist or even better LeBonCoin.
Gepetto & Velo is the bike shop that offers the best prices for second hand dutch bikes.
Les petits vélos de Maurice is another recommendable shop, if you like folders, Les Vélos Parisiens is the place where to go (but not specially cheap).
And if you are broke you can fix yourself an old bike at the Velorution bike workshop.

Haven in Paris

Pier – Thank you for letting us know about all of these great options!

These are some great finds. Definitely a great city to have a bike.

I have a red bike that’s been patiently waiting a couple of years for me to ride. This will be the year I put air in the tires, oil up the chain and ride around town. Why the wait??? No answer 🙂

I would love to visit these shops on my next trip to Paris!

Yes, the aesthetics of the bike must match those of the city! If I moved to Paris tomorrow, I would definitely take my bike – it’s an old green Monark with whitewall tires, a woven wicker basket and a cool vintage-style seat. Yeah. Just give me a baguette.

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