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Once a Local, Now a Tourist: Amy Thomas’ Impossible One-Week Paris Itinerary

by Amy Thomas
Written By

Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas is a sweets-obssessed writer based between New York and Paris. She penned the Sweet Freak column for Metro newspaper and has written about Paris' best chocolatiers (New York Times), desserts for two (Time Out New York), chocolate for guys (Rachel Ray) and the best hot chocolate in the city (Metro). Check for updates from Amy on her blog, God I Love Paris. View Amy Thomas's Website

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12 comments on “Once a Local, Now a Tourist: Amy Thomas’ Impossible One-Week Paris Itinerary

One detail that makes Paris, Paris? For me, anyway, is the smell of melting butter coming out of someone’s kitchen window, as I walk to my own dinner reservation, albeit in a restaurant.

The trip was a success, mes amis! Au 35, Cosi, La Coupole, Angelina, Les Deux Abeilles, Pralus, Polaine, Pink Flamingo, Alaine, Gaglinani, Colette, Jardin des Tuileries, La Bouche La Pentruche, Aux Deux Amis, Experimental, picnics, vernissage, Pina, Jeu de Paume, Gosselin, Le Mansart, Du Pain et des Idées, Eric Kayser, American Vintage, Carven, Velibs, Velibs, Velibs, Hidden Kitchen, Ogilvy, Jean Paul Hevin…

I had dinner with a friend the other night and he said we were going to his favorite neighborhood place, and it turned out to be Aux Deux Amis. So fun! I think it’s always tapas vs a “real” menu, but it somehow suits the place perfectly. I also learned we were seated below an original Calder mobile (check out the very back tables)!

My favorite part with returning as a tourist is eating a pastry every day–without any guilt!

Gorgeous post! I wish you une très bonne visite!

What a great article and unbelievable pictures I really enjoyed seeing and reading the piece. I have been to Paris twice and it was like revisiting one of my favorite cities

Aux Deux Amis was yummy. We need to go back and see if it is always tapas or if it is sometimes a real menu.

Amy, look forward to hearing how much of your impossibly ambitious list you actually got through. I think I need to take a vacation in Paris sometime soon! Merci Amy – we will miss you. You must come back soon. xo Erica

I always leave with a list for the next time!

Thanks for a great article, I love visiting Paris.

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