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  • Working in Paris: Strikes, 35-hour Weeks and Real Lunch Breaks

    35 hour work week – time for gazing at the Seine – Christophe Hue Many associate French working life with 35-hour weeks, strikes, long long lunch breaks and even longer holidays. This is certainly the image that I’d carefully conjured in my idealistic head before setting foot in France. The big question: does reality live […]

  • The Art of the Parisian Soiree

    To do une soirée or not to do une soirée? What exactly is this rather elegant and mysterious sounding soirée? And, how should it be approached by mere Anglophone mortals? Definition Noun: soirée: party or gathering, with a sophisticated name to impress  the uninitiated, taking place in apartments across the glimmering city of lights (usually accompanied […]

  • Christmas in the City of Lights: Seeking Out Paris’ Holiday Cheer

    Mic Mac When I popped home to the UK in November, London was already in full festive swing with Christmas trees, festive songs and neon lights galore. Sent back with a Cadbury’s chocolate advent calendar adorned with an oversized Santa, I was ready to start the Christmas season with a bang. Making Magique Yet once […]

  • Zut Alors! How To Speak French Like A Parisian

    Lost In Cheeseland On arriving in Paris, No.1 on the lengthy to-do list (in between museum visiting and restaurant testing, bien sûr) is deciphering the elision-liaison-silent-letter-filled waves of French flying from left, right and center. Before setting foot (or even a single toe) on Parisian soil, I had already been vigorously drilled with irregular verbs […]

  • Paris Tips: Making Small Talk A La Parisienne

    Little Brown Pen Warm? Friendly? Spontaneous? These aren’t perhaps the first words that spring to mind when describing the typical Parisien. However, I can assure you that once you learn to greet and meet like a local, the slightly frosty exterior slowly begins to melt. The bonjour In Paris it’s essential to say bonjour many […]

  • Paris Picnic Etiquette: the Dos and Don’ts of Dining Al Fresco

    Parc des Buttes Chaumont (Celine NYC) If you’re in Paris in summer, you’ll pretty quickly realize that as soon as the sun starts to glimmer, Parisians grind into picnic gear. However, despite informal appearances, there is a complex and unspoken code of conduct to be adhered to in order to avoid unforgivable picnic faux pas. […]

  • Fighting the Pounds: The Perils of Jogging in Paris

    Jogging along a Paris bridge (Kevin Bongart) As a very keen runner, I realized that Paris – with its pavement café culture and lax attitude towards dogs’ toilet habits – might not be the ideal place to train. However, little did I know the numerous obstacles I would have to overcome each time I pulled […]