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Finding an Apartment to Buy in Paris: Five Essential Tips

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One of the questions we receive most frequently from our readers and guests is, “I’m looking to buy an apartment in Paris – where should I start?”

Buying real estate anywhere has its challenges. When you’re navigating listings, visits, brokers, fees, and regulations from across a continent or an ocean, the whole process can grow to herculean proportions. Although anything is surely possible with unlimited time and resources, very few of us possess either in infinite supply. This is where apartment-hunters come in. Specialized in representing buyers and helping them navigate the French real estate red tape, “search agents” can often be your best resource in helping to make the entire process manageable. Which lets you get back to the exciting part: finding the place you’ll call home in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

HiP Paris Blog, Flathungters, Carin Olsson, BalconyParis in Four Months

We asked our friends at Paris Property Group, renowned Parisian search agents, to give us a list of their top five things to keep in mind as you go about your apartment search. Enjoy, and happy hunting! -Geneviève

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Top Five Movie Houses in Paris

In France, cinema is the 7th art, as culturally important as painting or literature and like museums or libraries, movie houses play a key role in local culture. Netflix has not yet come up the Seine, and according to the Office de Tourisme there are 84 theaters in Paris with well over 350 screens.

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HiP Paris Blog, Craft Beer Shops, Palmyre Roigt, La Cave a Bulles

Craft Beer Shops in Paris

Craft beer is slowly but surely making its way into the Parisian palate. This May, Paris Beer Week inundated the city’s craft beer bars with brews familiar and unknown, leading local beer geeks to rejoice and even converting a few skeptics.

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hip paris blog, boulogne, featured, palmyre roigt, bagatelle 7,9

Bois de Boulogne

The good King Dagobert would hunt bear and wild boar through the forest that is now the 2000-acre Bois de Boulogne on the western edge of Paris. That was over 1000 years ago, but the woods are still alive with adventure and excitement, thanks to Napoleon III who returned from exile in London full of ideas for English gardens in Paris.

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hip paris blog, guingettes, palmyre, neuilly-6

Les Guinguettes: Seine-side Socializing

Parisians who can’t flock to the seaside during the summer months are still drawn to their closest water sources, as evidenced by the popularity of Les Berges. However, this craving to enjoy the hotter months waterside goes back much further than Les Berges, which are, in essence, revivals of the great era of Les Guinguettes, and once again Parisians can’t seem to get enough.

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August in Paris

For those who cherish the peaceful atmosphere resulting from the mass exodus of holiday-goers, August is Paris’ most prized month. In the past, I haven’t always embraced this sentiment, mainly because I love the charge of the city. However, perhaps these August-lovers have it right?

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HiP Paris Blog, Folks and Sparrows, Isabel Miller-Bottome, sandwich bag

Folks and Sparrows: A Trendy Café-Épicerie-Concept Store in Paris’ 11ème

The latest buzz on the Paris coffee scene is Folks & Sparrows, a café-épicerie-concept store tucked away in the 11ème. I spent a couple hours here on a drizzly Tuesday afternoon; folk music played in the background and I felt immediately transported to another place.

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HiP Paris Blog, Peninsula Hotel Terrace Tea

August Events in Paris

La Fete a Neu-Neu, Cinema au clair de Lune, Festival Classique au Vert, Festival Silhouette, Rock en Seine, Scenes d’Eté, Mojo’Arty, Peninsula hotel opening, Bob’s Bakeshop, Paris by Mouth August Restaurant Openings.

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HiP Paris Blog, Isabel Miller-Bottome, Seine

Strolling in Paris Part II: Tower Tour

The most famous tower in Paris is certainly the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful as it may be, the masses of visitors in summer are overwhelming. Luckily, the city is dotted with an array of intriguing towers, showcased in this little stroll traversing the historic core of Paris.

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