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La Goutte d’Or: Exquisite Pastries in Paris’ 18ème

A blend of specialty coffee shop and high-end French pâtisserie, La Goutte d’Or proposes a mix of traditional viennoiseries such as croissants and madeleines, as well as edgier creations that reflect Menguy’s quirky style.

French TV buffs may recognize Yann Menguy, the talented pâtissier behind La Goutte d’Or. In 2013, Yann was a finalist of “Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier,” the French equivalent of the Great British Bake Off.

A blend of specialty coffee shop and high-end French pâtisserie, La Goutte d’Or proposes a mix of traditional viennoiseries such as croissants and madeleines, as well as edgier creations that reflect Menguy’s quirky style.

Even though he lost the final – and its book-deal prize – Yann’s skills were impressive enough to persuade top pastry chef Christophe Michalak to hire him as an instructor at the Michalak Masterclass School. A stint at Ladurée followed, where he worked until 2016 when Menguy decided to go solo and open his own shop on the Northern side of the butte Montmartre.

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Teatime: The Best Places to Indulge in Tea (and Something Sweet) in Paris

HiP Paris Blog, Making Magique, Tea Salons in Paris

Making Magique

When the cold arrives in the City of Light there’s nothing better than cuddling up with a cup of hot tea and a few delicious pastries in the corner of a Parisian café.

HiP Paris Blog, Carin Olsson, Tea Salons in Paris, Rose Bakery Tea Room

Rose Bakery Tea Room (Carin Olsson)

After a summer of short summer dresses and light tank tops, it’s time to put on that knitted sweater, cozy scarf, and those leather boots… Which also means that a few extra pastries won’t really hurt that much…  Well, at least that’s what I keep telling myself (yes, that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it).

HiP Paris Blog, Toastwife, Tea Salons in Paris


After surviving cold autumn days and freezing winters in Paris before, I now know where to get my tea and pastry fix in this city. In a city like Paris the possibilities for indulgence are endless, so I’ve tried to narrow it down for you. Don’t forget to bundle up before heading out! Continue Reading »

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Falling In Love With Paris In a Day

Carin Olsson

Paris. The city of romance. With picturesque cafes on almost every corner, countless bridges crossing the Seine begging for twilight strolls and stolen glances, architecture that dazzles for days, and the omnipresent accordion harking back to sweeter, slower days, how could you not fall in love? In a day no less. And we’re not talking about the dashing young men in lively conversation over espressos. You’re falling in love with no one other than yourself. Here is our guide to romancing yourself in the city of Light.


9am. To the heart by way of the stomach. Begin your day with a croissant or pain au chocolat still warm from the oven from a local boulangerie. For the best pastries Paris has to offer, head to Le Grenier a Pain, strategically scattered throughout the city. I recommend the Montmartre location, which won the award for best baguette in 2010! Continue Reading »

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Ladurée: Parisian Macarons Land In New York

Ladurée macarons in their sleek box (Louis Beche)

For years, everyone—especially New Yorkers—has been clamoring for the death of the cupcakes. Let those pastel-colored, frosting-slathered, sprinkled-adorned, oh-so-cute sugar bombs be over! Can we puh-leeze move on?? And it would appear, with Ladurée’s arrival on Madison Avenue, New Yorkers may finally get their wish: the macaron could soon trump the cupcake as the sweet du jour.

Ladurée’s new NYC store, and its line of fans (Amy Thomas)

Of course Parisians are well acquainted with Ladurée, the 149-year-old salon de thé that purportedly invented the macaron. But with the exception of savvy New Yorkers who used to raid the Champs-Elysées store for a box of Technicolor two-bite treats, and then proudly parade their pale green shopping bags around the Upper East Side, the French brand has remained an exotic import to New Yorkers. Which explains the two-hour queues.

Ladurée macarons (Yuichi Sakuraba)

To be fair, by the time I made it to Ladurée, three weeks after it opened, the line was down to a 15-minute wait. As if I were a macaron virgin, the dauntless teenager in front of me who had previously waited hours for a Ladurée hit, told me the sweets “were totally worth the wait.” Continue Reading »

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Hugo & Victor Patisserie: High-Concept Pastries in Paris

Adam Wayda is an American gourmand with “a bit” of a sweet tooth. Spending half of each year in Paris, he chronicles Parisian pastry and the great chefs behind it on his site, which poses the very real risk of making your computer’s monitor ooze with crème pâtissiere.

A trip to Paris without visiting a pastry shop – or 10 of them – is woefully incomplete. It’s not just the pastries that make the experience, it’s the shops themselves. From the romantic 19th century charms of Ladurée to the 23rd century design sensibilities of La Pâtisserie des Rêves , there’s never been a more varied and deliciously sucré landscape in the history of Paris. Although, if time is tight or if you’re attempting to not completely overindulge, arguably the shop not to skip is Hugo & Victor.

H&V for me, however, was the one major pâtisserie I almost missed on my last great pastry adventure. Months earlier, I’d landed at CDG with a detailed list of 20+ shops to which I’d make my rounds, bingeing daily on 3…4…5 (or more) of their goodies. As my extended vacation wound down and my pant size burgeoned 3 inches, a friend emailed me saying, “Have you checked out Hugo & Victor yet?”

Thinking I knew every pâtisserie of any significance, I barely took the time to Google them. The shocker was the photos that turned up, plus an address no more than 4 blocks from my apartment. It seems they had opened just shortly before my arrival in Paris. While I could be excused for nearly missing them, a visit was long overdue.

Walking through the sliding glass door of H&V, I felt like I’d stepped into a jewelry boutique. After all, half the pastries were individually top-lit and locked behind glass. I quickly struck up a conversation with the salesgirl and got the rundown on what makes H&V so special: Continue Reading »

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Pierre Hermé or Ladurée? Paris’ Macaron War Rages On


If you’ve spent even a small amount of time in Paris, you know that the macaron is ubiquitous. And in a city of fastidious eaters, it’s significant that a single dessert has managed to win the hearts and minds of so many. But the debate rages on: who produces the best macaron of all? While Dalloyau and Lenôtre both make a commendable run at it, everyone knows that there are only two real contenders.

In one corner, we have the elegant and established Ladurée, which has been turning out sweet confections since 1862. And in the other corner, we have upstart Pierre Hermé, the enfant terrible of the dessert world who worked at Ladurée before setting out on his own. (Word on the street is that the “oppressive” traditions at Ladurée were preventing him from exploring the crazy flavor combinations for which he is now world famous). Naturally, we wanted to get in on the debate, so Sarah (another Hip Paris blogger) and I gathered some friends last week for a comprehensive taste test. Two boxes of macarons later, we reached a nearly unanimous verdict! Continue Reading »

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Paris: Tea Capital of the World

beautiful teaTeatime at Laduree. Photo:

by Sally Peabody, Your Great Days in Paris

We all know that Paris is famed for its alluring wines, rich dark chocolates, redolent cheese and buttery croissants… but fine tea? Who knew?

In fact, Paris’ numerous tea salons and tea shops offer the widest and best selection of top quality teas from growers around the world, carefully selected, served and sold with savoir-vivre. Choose from salons and shops that offer elegant second-empire style gilded decor, sleek contemporary spaces, or cozy stone-walled nooks. Tea-drinkers have their pick of memorable spots to stop and sample delicious teas from around the world. The Paris tea scene abounds with fascinating artisans who are dedicated to their chosen métier— and to offering the best-of-the-best to those who share their passion. Continue Reading »

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Following the Chocolate in Paris

picture-51photos courtesy of &

There are many ways to experience Paris, but one of the more decadent ones is, simply, to follow the chocolate. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing just that when I tagged along on Context Tour’s “Chocolate Walk,” a chocoholic’s dream that took me to many of the Left Bank’s most delicious (and gastronomically prestigious) addresses.

We began the tour in front of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church, where our docent, Camille Labro, pulled an actual cocoa pod (which she had recently brought from Brazil) out of her handbag and gave us a quick rundown on the plant’s important role in world history.  Over the next few hours, we would learn the ins-and-outs of chocolate production and consumption, from its historical roots in South America to its modern incarnations in Paris and throughout the world. Continue Reading »

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