Ladurée: Parisian Macarons Land In New York

by Amy Thomas
Written By

Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas is a sweets-obssessed writer based between New York and Paris. She penned the Sweet Freak column for Metro newspaper and has written about Paris' best chocolatiers (New York Times), desserts for two (Time Out New York), chocolate for guys (Rachel Ray) and the best hot chocolate in the city (Metro). Check for updates from Amy on her blog, God I Love Paris. View Amy Thomas's Website

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16 comments on “Ladurée: Parisian Macarons Land In New York

Put on in DC or georgetown!!

I was so excited to try these. But I have a hard time believing that the macaroons are flown in from Paris and if they are, then France is purposely sabotaging this NYC outlet. The ones in NYC taste NOTHING like the ones in Paris. My french pastry-chef boyfriend was horrified at these macaroons, so much so that I had to hear about it for half an hour – “Putain, mais c’est quoi cette merde ?!” They are overpriced, too much almond paste and artificial tasting ganache. I’ve been to all the Ladurées in Paris a dozen times each and they all taste the same, yet the ones in NYC taste artificial. Very disappointed.

Love macarons! Looking forward to having some later this year when the hubby and I make our way out there. Crossing my fingers that they’ll open a store front here in the Bay Area.

J’adore Ladurée! I’m so excited about visiting this store next time I’m in NYC…Their macarons are so good and now they’re launching a makeup line…DELICIOUS!

I left New York damn it. Now Paris is closer. I cant imagine waiting for La duree to come to Greece. 😛

It was only a matter of time of course!! I used to travel abroad always, so it is terrific for those who stay in the states! They are truly iconic.


Art by Karena

Quite personally, I prefer Gerard Mulot. They taste naturally sweet, not artificial.

I think this is just the beginning… Ladurée is going to take over the world!

chateau de lille

Lucky you in New York. Ill have to wait till I go to Paris again as I cant see them coming to Perth In WA. Id love to try some of their other treats too. Have you seen their new book out? It is so pretty. Fiona

I wrote a post about this, as I am somewhat torn on the matter. I am *obsessed* with Ladurée specifically, and it is the first place I go when in Paris. Having it here in the states is good and bad. I still have not been–I will most likely get to Paris sooner than NYC…strange but true.

Genevieve Sandifer

Hi Susan! Can you send us the link to your post? We would love to see it!

Of course it’s worth the wait and if you’ve never been inside Ladurée in Paris, you must queue up!

Lovely photos as well. Miam miam!!!

Robin | My Melange

Thanks so much for the mention! The day I visited I waltzed right in with no line. It was a weekday morning…I guess I chose wisely 😉 Nice job on the mouthwatering photos in this post.

Maria @ Busy as a Bee in Paris

yum, yum! those lucky new yorkers! wish they’d make it all the way to california! but will all americans have a refined enough sense of taste to appreciate them more than donuts and cupcakes?

I honestly can’t believe it has taken them this long to open a Ladurée in NY! Honestly, it was only a matter of time before globalization reared its powerful head I just think it’s kind of unfortunate that soon, there will be little novelty in traveling to far away lands for a local specialty or shop because, well, it exists on our own turf. Let’s hope Pierre Hermé doesn’t get any big ideas!

For now, I wish the New Yorkers the best of luck in controlling their waist lines now that macarons are only a wait-away!

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