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Falling In Love With Paris In a Day

by Kasia Dietz
Carin Olsson

Paris. The city of romance. With picturesque cafes on almost every corner, countless bridges crossing the Seine begging for twilight strolls and stolen glances, architecture that dazzles for days, and the omnipresent accordion harking back to sweeter, slower days, how could you not fall in love? In a day no less. And we’re not talking about the dashing young men in lively conversation over espressos. You’re falling in love with no one other than yourself. Here is our guide to romancing yourself in the city of Light.

9am. To the heart by way of the stomach. Begin your day with a croissant or pain au chocolat still warm from the oven from a local boulangerie. For the best pastries Paris has to offer, head to Le Grenier a Pain, strategically scattered throughout the city. I recommend the Montmartre location, which won the award for best baguette in 2010!

Annelie Willemijn

11am. Views from the top. Montmartre is the highest of Paris’ hills and the best vantage point from which to explore the landscape. Also, climbing up the steps to Sacré-Cœur will help burn off a few of those croissant calories! Once you’ve visually mapped out the areas of Paris you will be exploring, take a moment of respite behind the doors of the famous Basilica before the crowds begin their ascent.

1pm. The art of déjeuner. Eating is certainly an art in Paris, and one that the French take very seriously. Lunch is perhaps the most delightful meal of all, if you have the time to enjoy it the Parisian way: two hours long, accompanied by a glass of wine, and ending with a café gourmand. Paris offers a number of prix-fixe menus at some of its best restaurants, so you can indulge without qualms.

Carin Olsson

3pm. Island hopping. One of the most romantic neighborhoods in Paris is neither on the rive gauche nor the rive droite; it’s right in the middle. The Île de la Cité and, my personal favorite, the Île Saint-Louis, are the ideal spots to romanticize about life in Paris, read a good book (maybe even write one of your own), or simply stare into the ever-changing kaleidoscope that is the sky of Paris. Be sure to sample the famous and historic ice-cream Berthillon at Le Flore en l’Ile, if you don’t make it to their flagship on the rue Saint Louis en l’Ile.

Lost in Cheeseland

5pm. Sugar high. Perhaps the greatest love affair in Paris is with its sweet side. There exists such a vast selection of chocolatiers and macaron shops that you could easily spend a hedonistic afternoon in any of Paris’ 20 arrondissements. Good idea to consult the aficionados Amy Thomas and David Lebovitz for some of the best chocolatiers. As for macarons, you must experience both Laduree and Pierre Hermé and decide for yourself which reigns superior. If you prefer to make your own, La Cuisine Paris offers macaron classes!

7pm. Nocturnal art fix. You cannot properly experience Paris without sampling just a little bit of its history through the vast collections of art exhibited in the city’s 50+ museums. Where to begin? At the Louvre, of course! The architecture alone is breathtaking, but a trip inside the ancient residence of kings and emperors of France is well worthwhile. Beneath an ethereal sunset, become acquainted with historic France.

Septime, Lost in Cheeseland

9pm. Gourmet grand finale. Time to sit over a glass of wine and reflect on the many sights and tastes experienced over the past 12 hours. Where else but at a classic French bistro? A few ideas from the foodies: Septime in the 11th, Jadis in the 15th or, my personal favorite, Petrelle in the 9th. If the sights, sounds and sweets have not yet seduced you, certainly the savory will.

Petrelle, Erica Berman

Day one. The love affair has only just begun.

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Written By

Kasia Dietz

Kasia Dietz is a handbag designer and freelance writer from New York, with a passion for art, fashion and travel, who followed her heart to Paris. She also gives bag painting workshops and custom fashion tours. Read all about her life and travels on her blog, Love in the City of Lights. View Kasia Dietz's Website

21 comments on “Falling In Love With Paris In a Day

The perfect plan for a day!

Lovely post – makes me miss Paris (and those Laduree macarons) all over again. Thanks!

Yes, this would be the perfect day! (I’m a Pierre Hermé girl myself). I would just add in a stroll by the Notre Dame – never gets old!

I think this is the PERFECT beginner’s guide to Paris. I so agree about the islands and lunch, especially!

kim |

Great Post! I’m already in Love and look forward to sampling all the affection that Paris’ has to give in Sept, when we arrive for our 2 wk holiday! Macaroons and Champagne are top of my list!!

Jadis is a personal favorite! Thanks for sharing your love for Paris on HiP Paris Kasia! 🙂 Erica

Gorgeous… a city to love for a lifetime… xv

Thank you all for the many comments expressing your love for this magical city. Even those who have not yet encountered the seduction of Paris seem to already be smitten with it!

For those soon planning a visit, now you know how to spend at least one of your ‘romantic’ days.

With love,

You have summed up my love for Paris in this post.

Jude Boudreaux

What wonderful photos, and definitely makes me miss Laudree!

Lovely is the best word to describe your post. Fell in love with a Paris a few years ago & now yearn to be back. Hopefully I will this year! Thanks!

What fun to read. I’ve fallen in love with Paris from afar; waiting for the day when I can do it in person.

I love the idea of romancing yourself… and what better place than Paris? Love it, Kasia!

Daisy de Plume

You make me fall in love with Paris all over again in this lovely post. I long to get lost in daydreams looking into the kaleidoscopic sky of Paris from Ile St Louis!
Thank you lots!

Liza in Ann Arbor

Lovely post! I’ll be saving it for my trip in July.

My first “meeting” with Paris was many years ago and it was Love at first sight and that love has not lessened over the years.


Thank you for ideas for our trip that starts in less than three weeks!


An intoxicatingly lush and decadent day planned out by the lovely Ms. Dietz. Great photos too! Nice itinerary, Kasia!

Wow, this post literally makes me crave Paris – thank God I will be there in 21 short days!

I loved this post!! And I am also a big fan of Septime. Have not tried Petrelle yet but will definitely do so now that you’ve reocmmended it! 🙂

x Milla


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