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The City of Light: Capturing Paris’ Most Beautiful Moments

by Carin Olsson

Carin Olsson

There’s a reason why Paris is known as La Ville-Lumière, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night, as many people might think when they first hear Paris’ favorite nickname. Forget the architecture, the food, the culture and the fashion. The light alone would have us coming back for more…

Making Magique & Olof Grind

In the morning, the early sunshine kisses the city and in the evening, Paris bathes in the warm setting sun. It’s truly breathtaking and it’s definitely worth making it out of bed in time for that extra-early morning coffee…

Olof Grind

Carin Olsson


Carin Olsson

Jimmy Bobo LightGalou2010

Annelie Willemijn

Carin Olsson


Olof Grind

Carin Olsson

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Written By

Carin Olsson

Carin Olsson left both her job and family back in Sweden to pursue her longtime dream of moving to Paris. A big passion for food, sweets, the city itself and photography resulted in her blog, Paris in Four Months, where she shares her time in the city of light. View Carin Olsson's Website

14 comments on “The City of Light: Capturing Paris’ Most Beautiful Moments

I have no idea how I’ve missed Carin’s blog for so long…thank you for introducing me!

SPECTACULAR! How I miss Paris…

Thank you so much!

Gorgeous gorgeous post!!! I love all the photographs 🙂

x Milsters


Merci 🙂

xx Carin

Carin; you’re SO right and your beautiful photography is proof of it…. I also find it useful that you tell our visitors that it is NOT the ET to give Paris it’s ‘second name’ but truly the ever surprising moments of this amazing and wonderful light!
You lit my morning – thank you. I was so ‘submerged’ in my thoughts and prayers for our American friends in the dark night caused by Sandy that I forgot that there IS light!!!

Thank you so much. And I’m happy that I could make your morning a little bit brighter 🙂

Beautiful and breathtaking photos. Paris can also be beautiful in rain. Found these amazing photos:

@ Victora: Thank you so much! Yes, Paris is absolutely beautiful in the rain too!


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