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    Parisian Beauty: Our Favorite Spots For Pampering Yourself On-the-Go in Paris

    How do you survive in a city with all these beauties walking around in broad daylight? I have a few tricks up my sleeve. A quick beauty fix at any of the places below always perks me right up.

  • HiP Paris Blog, Making Magique, Tea Salons in Paris

    Teatime: The Best Places to Indulge in Tea (and Something Sweet) in Paris

    When the cold arrives in the City of Light there’s nothing better than cuddling up with a cup of hot tea and a few delicious pastries in the corner of a Parisian café. In a city like Paris the possibilities for indulgence are endless, so I’ve tried to narrow it down for you.

  • Paris in the Fall: A Few Of Our Favorite Things

    There’s nothing better than cozying up at a little Parisian café with a friend and catching up about the summer over a cup of hot chocolate. The autumn is the perfect excuse to overindulge in crêpes, éclairs and all those heavenly cream puffs that I tried my best to stay away from during the summer.

  • HiP Paris Blog, Carin Olsson, A Day in Rome

    A Summer Day in Rome

    Every time I take my first stroll along the terracotta colored and ivy-clad streets in Rome I fall in love all over again. Despite the smoldering heat (you can’t expect much else if you’re going to the Italian capital in the middle of the summer, I know) and the never-ending groups of tourists, I always […]

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    Summer In Italy: A Beach Escape To Terracina

    “Do you want help with that?” and Italian man asked me when I was trying to push three suitcases at the same time over a threshold at the airport. “Non, merci” I said and smiled. “I mean no, thank you. Or no, I mean no, grazie!”. I don’t know if it was adjusting to people […]

  • Where to eat alone in Paris, like this blonde woman seen through a bistro window.

    Eating Out in Paris: The Art of Dining Solo

    Before I moved to Paris, I was afraid of eating alone, at a table by myself, in public, for anyone to see. I have no idea why the idea was so terrifying, but it wasn’t until last year during a warm spring day in May that I found myself in this completely new and quite intimidating situation. But to get past your fears you have to face them, right? So that’s what I did.

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    Paris Pastry Smackdown: Eclair de Genie vs. Atelier de L’Eclair

    After macarons, cupcakes, and cream puffs, the classic eclair is now enjoying a serious revival in Paris. Here to test the trend, Carin gathered a few knowledgeable sweet freaks to test the goods from Paris’ most notable new eclair shops, l’Eclair de Genie and l’Atelier de l’Eclair. -Geneviève

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    Rediscovering the Bus: Our Favorite Way to Get Around Paris

    When I first arrived in Paris, I tried to avoid the Parisian métro as much as I possibly could. The horror stories I had heard about people getting their valuables stolen, the stations smelling worse than most bathrooms and the crazy amount of people all fighting for a spot during rush hour made me keep my distance at first.

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    Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2013: A Recap In Images

    For most Parisians, this week isn’t any different from any other week of the year. A few restaurants and hotels might be a bit busier than usual, but other than that, you wouldn’t necessarily notice it’s fashion week in Paris if you don’t want to.

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    Alternative Art in Paris: Underground Paris Explores the City’s Best Street Artists

    Even though I love strolling through St Germain and the Marais, it’s always exciting to discover new, edgier sides of my favorite city. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to tag along on a Street Art tour arranged by Underground Paris. […]

  • What’s In A View? Enjoying Paris’s Best Perspectives

    As much as Paris is all about the beautiful little details, the city doesn’t lose an ounce of charm when it is admired as a whole. For some reason, no one seems able to get enough of those perfect Parisian views. Olof Grind Whether it’s the spanning city vistas from the timeless stairs of […]

  • The City of Light: Capturing Paris’ Most Beautiful Moments

    Carin Olsson There’s a reason why Paris is known as La Ville-Lumière, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night, as many people might think when they first hear Paris’ favorite nickname. Forget the architecture, the food, the culture and the fashion. The light alone would have us coming […]

  • Paris Fall Fashion Week: A Recap in Images

    I returned to Paris just in time for the fashion madness last weekend, and here are some photos I took to document my passage… – Carin Twice a year (or three if you count the haute couture shows) the stiletto clad fashion crowd invades the streets of Paris. During these weeks, Paris becomes even more […]

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