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A New Breed of Paris Wine Bars: Bones, Septime Cave, L’Avant Comptoir (and more)

by Forest Collins
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Forest Collins

Forest Collins chronicles her search for the finest cocktails in Paris on her blog, 52 Martinis. Every Wednesday, she tries a new place. She starts with a martini for a standard of comparison and then usually orders a second. Got a bar you think makes great drinks? Let her know, she'd love to try it! View Forest Collins's Website

9 comments on “A New Breed of Paris Wine Bars: Bones, Septime Cave, L’Avant Comptoir (and more)

Love the natural wines at Bones! I am hosting a harvest event in champagne and Bones was going to partner w/ us and cook for it but they just pulled out b/c they’re too busy! Event is w/ with Michelin star La Briqueterie instead and we’ll be roasting a small pig similar to what Bones does, drinking current release champagnes, tasting juice from the press and helping them harvest for 1 hr!

I”m with you both on the garde robe – it’s just hard to fit all the good spots into one piece. 🙂

Oh so many new places to try! Thanks, Forest, for the great reviews. Can’t wait to try them in person this year.

PS. I second Danielle – absolutely love Le Garde Robe!

Le Garde Robe in the 17th is my absolute favorite. Looking forward to trying Josephine and Le Petit Matieu though! They’ll be a bit of a trek but are thankfully on my line 🙂

Megan: If you liked l’Office, you’ve got good taste and will enjoy these ones too! 🙂

Can’t wait to try these. I went to l’Office based on the recommendations on this blog and it was fantastic. I’m going to add these for my next visit in a few weeks.

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