Behind Verjus: Braden Perkins and Laura Adrian Bring Farm-to-Table to Paris

by Diane Yoon
Written By

Diane Yoon

Diane Yoon left the city of angels for the city of lights due to circumstance and fell head over heels for Paris like many before her. She spends her days eating, cooking, writing, taking photos, and falling in love for five minutes at a time on the metro. She always has homemade cookie dough in the freezer but is terrible at doing the dishes and doesn't know how to ride a bike. Follow her adventures at her blog, Diane, A Broad. View Diane Yoon's Website

15 comments on “Behind Verjus: Braden Perkins and Laura Adrian Bring Farm-to-Table to Paris

We have been to Hidden Kitchen twice (now closed) and make a point of dining at Verjus at least twice on our annual Paris trips.
It’s our favorite wine bar in Paris…….Braden is fabulous in the kitchen, and Laura is wonderful at the front of the house.
Their fried chicken is better than any in the South! (sorry!).
The tasting menu is a gorgeous evening of local treats and I am dreaming of going back in September!

Had dinner here Monday night with some family & friends….simply the best meal I’ve ever had. What an experience. Loved the physical space too – clean, modern, understated. Just beautiful, and Braden and Laura seem like lovely people.

Katie . . . you must try it soon. It is delicious!

I simply love this post! I passed this little restaurant the other day but it was unfortunately closed… Now I simply cannot wait to go back with some friends and try it!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!

Ohlalamaman Maman

Lovely, so excited about going to check out this place. He wonderful to hear the history of the project, they are inspirational!

I am moving to Paris in the fall, and will definitely have to try Verjus! This looks incredible! Good for him!

I love how sometimes I stumble upon blogs like this and it made my work day just that much better. The fun and realism in your photos are great!

lovely shots!

I have heard fantastic things about Verjus, I really must go!…Great photos!…xv

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

Wow what an awesome experience, love these shots!

Had a marvelous meal at Verjus. Amazing!

Love the photos! That is awesome that they opened up the 3rd floor for private parties. I could see that as a great venue for birthday celebrations.

Recently had the most fabulous meal at Verjus while in Paris this past April. Recommended by a friend, it did not disappoint. Each item of their tasting menu was beautiful as it was delicious. A glass of wine downstairs after dinner made for a perfect Parisian evening

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