Food, Art & Film In the 19eme, Paris’ Latest “It” Neighborhood

by Paige Bradley Frost
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Paige Bradley Frost

Paige Bradley Frost lived in Paris for nearly a decade and was a regular contributor to HiP Paris. In 2016, she swapped the Banks of the Seine for the beaches of San Diego, California where she now serves as Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, Women's Empowerment International. Still, her heart remains with the French capital where she hopes to one day return. View Paige Bradley Frost's Website

6 comments on “Food, Art & Film In the 19eme, Paris’ Latest “It” Neighborhood

Dear Anna,

You are definitely right that the 18eme is not exactly “up-and-coming” anymore, but we found that certain parts of this area — specifically, around the border of the 19eme — remain somewhat undiscovered and wonderful!

Only one of these establishments is in the 19e. It would have been nice if the focus was actually put on the 19e – the 18e hasn’t been “up and coming” in a long while; it’s pretty much bobo paradise.

Hi! I spent a great deal of time in the 19th, working at the science museum and you need to know the LCC Cafe on Corentin Cariou is outstanding as well as its sister restaurant, La Violette! Cheers!

Firstly I would like to admit that I am a big travel freak, I love to travel. If there won’t be any money issues, I like to travel till my last breath. The longer I travel, the more I strive to connect with the culture of every destination I visit. I remember my Paris visit i have been most of the places and tastes most amazing cuisines of the world here. Truly an incredible tourist destination, want to go there again.

I love the article! Can you write the 11eme or 12eme? I hoping to move to Paris next fall and I don’t know which district to choose or whether I choose somewhere else? Thoughts!!

Thanks for the great read! I love your website!

Candice @ NotesFromABroad

I have to do some research .. I want to find out rents 🙂
I have lived back in the US since March and I am feeling like moving again. This time with no furniture and to Paris.

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