Parisian Style Tips: A Few Basics For Fall-Weather Fashion

by Aisling Greally
Written By

Aisling Greally

Aisling is an ardent explorer of hidden places and hideouts in Paris. She is the founder of the site TrésorParisien where she shares her stories of discovery and her adventures in Paris. View Aisling Greally's Website

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16 comments on “Parisian Style Tips: A Few Basics For Fall-Weather Fashion

Hey i lovvvvvveee the girl in the grey oversized jumper with black jeans, i just wonderded if you knew where she bought it from as i would love to buy one myself. i love your posts btw 🙂

Aisling of TrésorParisien

@Pascale. Unfortunately I do not know. They do look so comfy for this weather! Aisling

Does anyone know what brand of boots the woman carrying the striped shopping bag is wearing? They look so comfortable and effortless! She’s next to the woman in the trench coat. Thanks in advance!

love you tips refreshingly presented. well done must check in more often.
Hope you are doing well.
Catch up soon,
Catherine x

Please don`t get me wrong, but for my taste these are all so masculine looking and from what i saw and heard from French women, they are a prototype of femininity.

Love this post, and the girl in parka <3

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Happy you liked it!

Fantastic piece with amazing ideas to make the autumn wardrobe more stylish. Can’t wait to read the next piece

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Thank you Sinead!

I love this article! It has inspired me to mix up my winter style…Merci!

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

We’re so happy you liked it Angela.

Aisling of TrésorParisien

@the slow pace!

Thank you. So glad you find it inspiring! Aisling

What an inspiring post! Not only I feel like dressing up a little bit but also I want to go to Paris right now!

This is excellent advice! I’ll be heading to France in a couple of weeks and will definitely be using all these inspirations. Hello, Pinterest.
Your Friend, Jess

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