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Café Cour: A Hidden Pop-up with Terrace in Paris’ Marais

by Emily Jackson
Written By

Emily Jackson

Emily is a writer, photographer, and travel lover whose first trip to Paris was not one of fairy tales. In spite of this, she decided to give the City of Lights another chance with a year-long stint as a Parisian au pair and, as many before her, it has turned into a long-term love affair. She lives in Paris with her Frenchman, traveling Europe and working on her own blog. View Emily Jackson's Website

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2 comments on “Café Cour: A Hidden Pop-up with Terrace in Paris’ Marais

I wish I’ve read this post before going to Paris! I’ve visited Le Marais so many times during my 2 weeks trip and it remains one of my favourite places in Paris. I love Rue de Rosiers and cafe Korcarz where they bake fabulous home made cheescakes, strudels and baklavas 🙂 Canlt wait to be back 🙂

Plate=main 😉

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