It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Le Fooding. Their annual guide is a go-to for gourmets and their events, always featuring fare from top chefs of the moment, are not to be missed. We sat down with Victoire Loup, Media Manager at Le Fooding and one of the friendliest Parisiennes I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with, to talk shop. -Erin
HiP Paris Blog, An Interview with Victoire Louapre at Le Fooding, Pierre Lucet Penato

Pierre Lucet Penato

First off, let’s hear a bit about Le Fooding. How and why was it created?

Le Fooding was created 15 years ago by Alexandre Cammas, who was a freelancer and food critic at the time. There was a need to create a guide that was different from the more classic ones, a guide that would span the noble Relais & Châteaux addresses to mind-blowing street stall kebabs.

And now you! How did you get involved with Le Fooding? What attracted you to the company and what is your role exactly?

After working in the perfume industry for a couple of years, I got bored with major companies and their implied hierarchy. I sent an email to someone at Le Fooding, telling them how much I loved the guide and that I was up for anything. I met with Alexandre one morning, and it clicked immediately. I started as a Biz Dev intern and ended up Media Manager. Today, I take care of all the press relations, social media, the legal disputes… Every day is different, there’s always something new to learn, and we never get bored!

HiP Paris, An Interview with Victoire Louapre at Le Fooding

Johnny B. Goode

Tell me about the people you’ve met while working with Le Fooding.

From amazing chefs like Ludo Lefebvre, Enrique Olvera, Bertrand Grébaut, to musicians and DJs such as LCD Soundsystem, Superpitcher, Isaac Delusion, but also set designers, sous-chefs, managers… I’ve been involved with people from many different countries, and it’s so enriching!

What is your favorite Paris address of the moment?

I keep saying this, so people may start thinking that I get commissions, but it’s definitely Dersou! I go there every Saturday for lunch, the price is unbeatable. 

Le Fooding does so many things, from restaurant reviews to some of the highest anticipated foodie events in Paris and afield. What’s the goal, or what does Le Fooding want to be known for?

Le Fooding has been evolving for 15 years, always trying to grasp le gout de l’époque, or the taste of the times. It changes according to food trends (bistronomy, Asian food, naturalist cuisine), the debates that need to be addressed (how is the role of women in gastronomy shifting? can we fight against violence in the kitchens? how crazy can chefs become?), etc. No goal has ever been set, apart from remaining a trendsetter and trying new adventures.

HiP Paris, An Interview with Victoire Louapre at Le Fooding, Pierre Lucet Penato

Pierre Lucet Penato

When people hear about you guys and think, “falling for Le Fooding!” what’s the best way for them to interact with your brand?

They can email us, we try to answer every question! We’re also very active on Facebook, so they shouldn’t hesitate to follow us there. And Le Fooding is always looking for new talent in Paris, so it’s great to hear from those interested!

HiP Paris, An Interview with Victoire Louapre at Le Fooding

Johnny B. Goode

What’s next?

I’m off to California for a few months, to look for new food trends, new talents, new inspiration. And then I’ll be back in Paris in the Fall for the new Guide Fooding 2016, coming out in November!

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