Hunting for the Best Boeuf Bourguignon in France

by Casey Hatfield-Chiotti
Written By

Casey Hatfield-Chiotti

Casey Chiotti is a food and travel writer who recently fulfilled a life long dream by moving to Paris. She has a unique talent for sniffing out bakeries like a bloodhound and is finding it both incredible and, at times, excruciating to be in the best bakery city in the world (she tries to practice some self control). She writes about a different pastry every Saturday as well as other recommendations for restaurants and hotels around the world on her website Travelproper. View Casey Hatfield-Chiotti's Website

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3 comments on “Hunting for the Best Boeuf Bourguignon in France

Casey Hatfield-Chiotti

Thanks for the suggestion Mary Alice. I’ll try it soon!

Delices Gourmandises

Very nice post and great experience 🙂 I love the way you describe French dish… Cheers!

Mary Alice Parsons

And you might try The Bon Marche’s version from their spectacular deli.

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