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From Brooklyn to Paris: A Baker’s Tale of Transition and Doughnuts

by Alex Roberts
Written By

Alex Roberts

Alex was raised in the southern United States before moving to NYC where he worked as a professional baker for a few years. These days he can be spotted lurking in Parisian pastry shops buying pastries that are "just for a friend." Alex writes, develops recipes, and bakes too much in his home near Montmartre. View Alex Roberts's Website

8 comments on “From Brooklyn to Paris: A Baker’s Tale of Transition and Doughnuts

Best of luck to you! Heading to Paris in April and if you had a shop, I’d visit! When I went to Montreal, I went to a shop specifically to taste some ice cream. The concept was so cool, and the ice cream delist, I’m thinking of opening a shop in my local area. Like you, I think it will be a hit and right place, right time sort of thing.

I’m a freelancer and my money is funny, so I can’t contribute. But I want to applaud your creativity and hustle.

Also, your admiration of the language is a big advantage. That keeps your appetite for it going, whereas many give up. If you aren’t doing this already – I recommend learning French songs (with the help of the lyrics online) and just singing them to yourself throughout the day – that can do wonders for your comfort level.

Also also, nothing you say could stop me from romanticizing your life 😉 Moving to Paris with your love and living in Montmartre? Swoon!

Looks awesome!! I been dying for doughnuts in Paris. u should check out this little bakery in st. louis,mo called strange doughnuts. They are 2 guys who grew their business like crazy in like 2 years. So u can totally do it! They opened their store at 9-11 pm thurs-sat (in addition to mornings) and their was always a huge line of people wanting them after bar hopping and others who wanted some amazing “munchies.”

Wishing you much success in this – will keep my eye out for you when I am visiting in September. I hope you are still in business and in an easy to find spot!!!

Alex, you’re living my dream! Was a pastry chef in Los Angeles, then in D.C. for a while. Next stop Paris. I hope! Good luck!!!

Alex, As a Brooklynite who loves Paris I say bravo! It’s a great idea. Wish you all the best.

Thanks so much Judy!I appreciate that.

For anyone who might look,
Here’s the link to my project:

Good luck with your new venture. Paris is a lovely city
Enjoy every moment.
You’ll find yourself more fluent in time. A smile replaces many words in the meanwhile.

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