Posts by Alex Roberts:

  • A Brooklyn doughnut maker's move to Paris

    From Brooklyn to Paris: A Baker’s Tale of Transition and Doughnuts

    I was working as a pastry chef in Brooklyn when I met my now-husband, Leo. While I didn’t realize we would get married in less than a year, I did secretly wish my Frenchman would whisk me away to the land of pastries, cheese, and wine. And here I am, writing this from my Parisian apartment in Montmartre and launching a doughnut start-up.

  • HiP Paris blog. A different kind of Christmas. No matter where you care, you can always curl up with a cup of coffee and some Christmas cookies to ward off the holiday blues.

    A Different Kind of Christmas: First Holidays and New Traditions in France

    Christmas is a time to be with family and loved ones, and it makes it all the harder to have many of your loved ones far away when you’re an expat. Alex Roberts shares the challenges of spending the holiday abroad and some insight of how to rediscover your Christmas cheer.

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