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Paris Summer Prep Lesson Two: The Bikini

by Yvonne Hazelton
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Yvonne Hazelton

Yvonne is an American writer living in Paris. She blogs at Escaping the Empty Nest. View Yvonne Hazelton's Website

2 comments on “Paris Summer Prep Lesson Two: The Bikini

I love this article. Fun. As an American who has shopped in Paris, and been told by the elegant, thin, but older sales lady that there is nothing for me, I very much appreciate this. But I love your encounter with the sales lady at Chantelle! Yes, for some reason, we have this idea of either laying on the beach in our swimsuit, or swimming delicately in the water. Both which are flattering. Often though, it isn’t quite that, as you explained with your stroll through the lobby. Or when you have to go swimming with tennis shoes on because there are too many rocks on the bottom – another flattering look.

I wonder if men have also grown up thinking that everybody is looking at them and that they aren’t allowed to impose their body /style/aesthetics on other people. If age is reason enough for them to cover up.

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