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The Best Veggie and Vegan Burgers in Paris

by Veggie Magnifique

Paris’ favorite form of American cultural appropriation is certainly in the form of burgers.

This side of ten years ago, though, you’d be hard pressed to find a patty that wasn’t made of meat. Nowadays, however, things are much more veggielicious — and hooray for that! Be it of the bean, grain, soy, or seitan variety, Paris is the new go-to for piled-high veggie burger creations.

Here are our top picks for vegans, flexitarians, or the simply curious who want a burger that’ll tickle their fancy and delight their taste buds.

HiP Paris Blog rounds up Paris' best vegan burgersBurger Theory

Now, it’s important to note that there are fast-food burgers, and then there are posh, resto-burgers. We decided to separate our list into two kinds, respectively. So depending on your budget and/or hankering, you can choose accordingly.

The truth is, we’re into the posh kind, so we’ll start there. As healthy plant-based vegans, when we do actually eat veggie burgers, we like to go for the gold. That being said, we did enjoy doing “research” at the fast-foody kind. (Thanks for entrusting us with this important task, HiP Paris!)

So without further ado here is our best-of Parisian veggie burgers:

Best Posh Burgers

HiP Paris Blog rounds up Paris' best vegan burgersRalph’s

Ralph’s – Go here: When some serious self-care is in order

173 Boulevard Saint Germain Inside the Ralph Lauren Store, 75006 Paris, France

Yes, yes, we know… You’re surprised. What are two vegan bloggers doing at Ralph’s? It’s certainly not a vegan establishment, what with its hunter-cabin vibe… but hear us out.

This little nook of Saint-Germain is actually a hidden holy grail of zee best bean burger. And if you ask for it without the cheese, it’s a vegan burger. Flavorful, burger-y, and purely divine, you’ll be in Americana heaven. But as is the case with many heavenly things on earth, it does come with a steep price ticket. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you).

However, the day will come when you need to celebrate a win or a job well done, or the fact that you had a comprehensible convo in French… And when that day comes, go here. Sit in the open-air courtyard on a balmy spring afternoon, surrounded by white parasols, leafy plants, and gleaming cobbles. Order this delightful and thick black-bean burger specimen topped with avocado and fresh micro-herbs. It’s served with crispy and salty french fries that’ll make your hair curl, and a massive pickle. (Seriously). Cue: A moment of pure bonheur.

To note: Ralph’s is one of the only places in Paree that you can get American-style service..

Downside: The price. The smokers on the outdoor terrasse. The animal-ness of the rest of the menu.

HiP Paris Blog rounds up Paris' best vegan burgersH.O.P.E

H.O.P.E – Home of The Plant Eaters – Go here: For a thick and juicy plantiful culinary indulgence

19 Rue de Picardie 75003 Paris

We may live in the City of Light, but when it comes to burgers, we want heeeaaavy. As with all culinary extravagances, if you’re going to indulge, go all in. Don’t think about the calories, think about your commitment… your commitment to flavor, that is.

The best place to do this? The Marais’ H.O.P.E – Home of the Plant Eaters.

HOPE’s mushroom and chickpea burger has flavor exploding from every angle: it’s loaded with sautéed veggies, homemade herb sauces and mayos, and caramelized onions. It’s everything you’d ever want in a posh burger, plus yummy fries to boot. (FYI, it comes with a little salad to make you feel better about the whole burger indulgence).

Plus, the ambience is delightfully #hygge at this chic mom-and-pop joint. Make sure you tell Victor, the young visionary chef, how much you loved his burger on your way out. The man did make you homemade ketchup, after all.

Downside: Just that they’re closed three days a week.

HiP Paris Blog rounds up Paris' best vegan burgersH.O.P.E

Laélo – Go here: For a quick, satisfying bite with a copain/copine

63 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière 75009 Paris

Sometimes you just need a crispy, breaded-and-fried “chick’n” burger with vegan cheese. We understand this need, and we’re here to help. In a word: Laélo.

Beautifully presented in all its crispy glory and speared with a touch of peperoncino, we like the thick, breaded one with the “fa’con” (fake bacon). One bite and you’ll be thankful you’re eating vegan. Really!

HiP Paris Blog rounds up Paris' best vegan burgersLaélo

Plus, the ambiance is chill at Laélo, so no Top 40 playing on the radio (dieu merci), and it’s a light and bright atmosphere. Remember, after all, that this is not a burger place… It’s a little resto that has burgers, which, in our opinion, is often better.

Oh, and this place also has amazing chocolate cake and desserts. There’s no better convincing than that…

To note: They have a pretty fab salad bar to balance your burgerous main dish.

Downside: The coleslaw. Avoid at all costs.

HiP Paris Blog rounds up Paris' best vegan burgersEast Side Burgers

Best Fast Food Burgers

East Side Burgers – Go here: For our fave vegan junk-food burger

60 Boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris

The best fast-food place to get a vegan burger with all the trimmings is East Side Burgers. Salty fries, onion rings, fluffy bun, ample toppings, and a chewy patty – it’s just a good veggie burger joint.  Now, you may come out of here in a bonafide burger-and-fry food coma, but it’s not like you went there for a broccoli buddha bowl.

To note: Though this is a vegetarian establishment, almost everything can be veganized – just ask.

Downside: The little dining room is in the basement… and try as they might, they can’t cozify it. It still feels underground,  and the condiments available aren’t organic, nor homemade.

Burger Theory

Burger Theory – Go here: For creative sides to mix up your burger expeditions

11 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire 75003 Paris

Burger Theory is the new kid in town, with quality French fries, and incredibly fast and friendly service. Though their burger patties are more like thin, breaded pavés that don’t really fill you up, they get points for their creative sides and salads – for example, their chickpea and sweet potato salad – and their variety of different flavors. Another plus is that they make their sauces and fries in-house, and their buns are made locally by a Parisian breadmaker.

Also worth mentioning: The upstairs eating area is nicely minimalist and well kept, and the ambiance doesn’t feel too fast foody. And their menu is very clear for anyone who has allergies of any kind, which is super helpful.

Downside: Don’t waste your calorie intake on their brownie.

HiP Paris Blog rounds up Paris' best vegan burgersHot Vog – Olivier Merzoug

Honorable Mention:

Hot Vog – Go here: Before strolling through Luxembourg Gardens — it’s right next door

10 bis Rue Vavin 75006 Paris

Okay, okay, it’s not a burger, but, guys… vegan hot dogs?! A revelation! Thick, juicy seitan sausages with creative toppings and buns that remind you of childhood.

HiP Paris Blog rounds up Paris' best vegan burgersHot Vog – Olivier Merzoug

Two words: Crispy. Onions.

Downside: There is not much seating, but again, it’s right by Luxembourg Gardens, so no biggie.

We certainly hope that you find our burger research helpful. (This is a serious topic after all). Let us know in the comments below which veggious burger floats your boat, or which one you’re eager to try on your next visit to Paris!

HiP Paris Blog rounds up Paris' best vegan burgersHot Vog – Olivier Merzoug

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