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  • HiP Paris Blog writer gives you her tips to fast-track your French so you can ponder over those wonderful books and posters at the bouquinistes lining the River Seine.

    6 Ways to Fast Track Learning French in Paris

    I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but I personally believe that Paris is starting to outgrow its image of snooty waiters whose demeanor changes the second you utter the word “hello” (or poorly pronounce “bonjour”). And yet, there is no doubt that learning a bit of French is going to be worth your while – and not just to ward off the haughtiness of waiters.

  • Learning French in Paris is easy when you practise with French friends.

    Lost in Translation: The Nitty Gritty of Learning French

    As a Francophile from a very young age and a frustrated practitioner of French for the past 18 months, my relationship with French is very complicated. Here are some reflections after months of navigating the French language, for those who are considering the same (or regretting their decision to do so).

  • HiP Paris Blog explores what it's like to move to Paris alone

    Single in the City: Moving to Paris Tout Seul

    Picking up and moving countries is tough no matter the circumstances, and expat life in Paris is hard (and also really awesome!) for all of us. But I believe there have been moments which were harder for me as someone who moved to Paris on my own.

  • HiP Paris Blog tells you what to do in Paris when the Parisians disappear

    August in Paris: What to do When the Parisians Disappear

    For those with a glass-half-full attitude when the city is half-empty, August is the best time to explore the city. Although it’s true that a lot of many places close their doors completely during this period, there are still plenty of options. And best of all, you are free to enjoy them without the crowds!