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Lost in Translation: The Nitty Gritty of Learning French

by Candice Johnson
Written By

Candice Johnson

Candice is an Australian living in Paris, a city she loves relentlessly but which doesn’t seem to love her back. She writes about her misadventures in Paris at Paris Is Just Not That Into You. View Candice Johnson's Website

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5 comments on “Lost in Translation: The Nitty Gritty of Learning French

Wonderful article
Should I say tres jolie?

Doug Brown

Tell our HIP friends to start renting in MY 2nd favorite city – Madrid

Thanks Tracie! You must have had the best time!

I vaguely wondered why French people smiled when I talked about the weather. Now I know I was saying “I’m (sexually) hot” instead of “I’m hot.” Somebody finally told me, after I provided cheap entertainment to so many.

try “cachet” – you even catch yourself up!

The word your write in your first paragraph is spelled cachet. Cache means hidden, cachet means prestige or flair.

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