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  • Paris guidebook artist Jessie Kanelos Weiner's favorite things to see and do in Paris.

    Paris Inspiration: One Artist’s Go-To Spots that Spark Creativity

    Jessie Kanelos Weiner is a Paris based artist whose illustrations provide a playful perspective on la vie Parisienne. From a discrete corner café scene to the ubiquitous Parisian pigeon, Jessie documents the sights and details that are often overlooked in the city – but that make Paris a special and beloved place.

  • Do or Dinde: A Very French Thanksgiving in Paris

    Sofie Dittmann & Back to the Cutting Board This summer, I was rudely awakened by a girl on the Paris Metro wearing American flag knee-highs and a stars & stripes bandana. My stomach turned; I knew something was terribly wrong. I had completely forgotten it was the 4th of July. ccho & lordog When the leaves […]

  • Tifamade’s Secrets: Homemade Sandwiches, Bike-Delivered in Paris

    As an aspiring food writer and someone who puts peanut butter on everything, I often question my relevance in a country of haute gastronomie. But much like Tiffany Iung, I eventually found my niche, retelling traditional culinary tales as an outsider looking in. Tiffany, the brains and bicycle behind Tifamade, Paris’ best sandwich vendor on […]

  • ‘Appy ‘Alloween! – Translating Halloween to French

    Since an early age, my mother tortured me by resisting my pleas for pre-packaged princess costumes in favor of handmade couture confections. Much of growing older is recognizing the tremendous sacrifices my parents have made to help me realize my dreams. One year in particular, no effort was spared to transform me into Catwoman for […]

  • Le Camion Qui Fume: Recipes From Paris’ Favorite Food Truck

    Chef Kristin Frederick’s Le Camion Qui Fume was first in line in the recent food truck brigade to hit Paris. And Paris has not had enough. 2-hour waits, sold out services and tv spots, she has blown up into a local food celebrity. So what is next for Paris’ most in-demand Californienne? Frederick’s new cookbook […]

  • Haute Revelations: A Parisian Style Evolution

    When I was reluctantly packing my bags for Paris, I was worried my suitcase of vintage dresses would not cut it. Having obsessed over Paris’ notoriously chic female species since I picked up my first fashion glossy, how would my frumpy Midwestern duds ever stand up to the Capital of haute couture? My anti-fashion upbringing […]

  • Locavore Paris: Fall Market Shopping & The Perfect September Tart

    I am a real foodie now. I have committed to buying locally and seasonally. So long sweet pineapples; see you sporadically. Most expats have their sentimental reasons that keep them in France. A perfect café crème, a favorite terrace, or unpasteurized cheese can easily outweigh all the persistence, courage, and patience it takes to build […]

  • The Definitive Guide To Surviving La Rentrée in Paris

    Collective grumbles and groans fill the Metro and all public places. Reacquainted with their suits and heels, there are no smiles behind those suntans. Kids arm themselves with freshly sharpened pencils and tall tales of les vacances. Vive la rentrée! Since Paris clears out in July and August, losing its habitants to warmer climates, the […]

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