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Locavore Paris: Fall Market Shopping & The Perfect September Tart

by Jessie Kanelos Weiner
Written By

Jessie Kanelos Weiner

Jessie is a Paris transplant with Chicago roots. As a food stylist, illustrator, and writer, she is continually scouring Paris with her insatiable Midwestern appetite for cheap thrills, beautiful things, and good bites. Follow Jessie’s illustrated footsteps from Chicago to Parigote at thefrancofly.com. View Jessie Kanelos Weiner's Website

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10 comments on “Locavore Paris: Fall Market Shopping & The Perfect September Tart

I love Paris in the Fall. Especially to go to the markets and get all of these yummy, fresh veggies. Thanks for the recipe!

Great recipe! I am planning a trip to france and one of the things I am looking forward to is staying in apartment and shopping for food!

Beautiful illustrations and thanks for the recipe, I will be making this soon!

I’m in love in ur pictures which are so simple and sweet.

hi there! we just moved our family of 6 to paris and like you, twice a week..if not more when i visit other markets…visit our local food market. for me, it’s one of the most exciting parts of living here! and you can bet i’ll be making that tart this weekend!
love hip paris! merci!

Love the drawings and the recipe is pretty nice too. Excellent post

Precious post! So visually appealing and with great content. Thank you so much for this addition to my morning email!

I agree… the market is one of the best reasons to be in France… Gorgeous post, xv.

Thanks, Peter! You won’t regret making this one.

Fabulous posting! The Tomato and Leek Tart will be on my list of fall things to cook when I pick up leeks from our local farmers’ market next week. Thank you for sharing.

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