Author: Mike Kandel

Mike Kandel is a professional freelance photographer who specializes in travel, music, and documentary photography. His work has been published by local, national, and international media, magazines and blogs, and has been viewed by a global audience. To see more of Mike’s work, visit his portfolio (, blog (, and connect with him on facebook (

Paris is beautiful no matter how you view it, but through a monochrome lens, its true elegance and character become strikingly apparent. Removing color from a place so rich in fashion, art and culture impresses a fresh perspective upon both the tourist and seasoned resident. …read more

The glass pyramids of the Louvre, the manicured grounds of the Tuileries Garden, and of course, the remarkable iron puzzle that is the Eiffel Tower. When planning a trip to Paris, worldly known sights like these intoxicate you with euphoric expectations. But when you step off the plane, you find that they are simply window… …read more