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The glass pyramids of the Louvre, the manicured grounds of the Tuileries Garden, and of course, the remarkable iron puzzle that is the Eiffel Tower. When planning a trip to Paris, worldly known sights like these intoxicate you with euphoric expectations. But when you step off the plane, you find that they are simply window dressings framing an elaborate web of breathtaking details.

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While a view of the Eiffel Tower guarantees excitement (and there are many), Paris is a city you must tour leisurely. The true beauty of Paris is in its details.

Whether you’re snacking on a world-class éclair, window-shopping on Boulevard Saint Germain, or merely sauntering about, there are countless opportunities to find little nuggets of beauty.

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Romance is omnipresent. To many, the idea that every day is Valentine’s Day in Paris is a gross stereotype intended to lure travelers who have never walked the cobble stone streets. But I’m sorry; everything you’ve heard is true.There is just something about Paris that is indescribably heart-warming. The simplicity is enchanting. It’s the man crossing the street with fresh baguettes in hand, the pleasant “Bonjour” you hear upon entry to any (and every) shop, the young (and not-so-young) couples entwined on park benches…

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Art is a pillar of the city’s culture. It’s as magnificent as the Mona Lisa, or as simple as writing on the wall. But in most cases street art here is actually quite lovely, even appreciated. It adds character, and even bolsters the city’s irreverently romantic credibility.

HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Mike Kandel

One thinks of a city’s subway system as simply a way to get around, a place where you’d like to spend the least amount of time possible.  But the Paris Metro is critically important to the overall character of the city. Each station is different, many trains are dated, and the general experience is quite charming. Will you come across the occasional stench and dirt; of course, it’s a bustling urban metropolis after all. But if you can muster up the ability to look (and smell) past it, you’ll discover magic in these tunnels.

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If you’re having trouble drinking the Kool Aid, it’s time to take a seat at any one of its hundreds (if not thousands) of cafés. Have a madeleine, sip some coffee, and take a deep breath. You’re in PARIS. Yes, it’s like that. It’s relaxing and invigorating, and the feeling is overwhelming.

One of the most delightful things about exploring Paris is that you never know what you’re going to find around the next bend, but it doesn’t matter because you know it will be charming. It’s hard not to photograph every street you pass.

HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Mike Kandel 10

Attention to detail is a staple of Parisian culture. I have left footprints throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, but I have never seen a collective population more concerned with their appearance. It’s refreshing to walk down a street, ride a subway, even grab a coffee first thing in the morning, and be surrounded by people who have clearly given some thought to how they look. Even the dogs have fashion sense.

Beauty abounds, and Paris really does live up to the hype you’ve been fed all your life. It’s just as romantic, as delicious, as photogenic — truly everything you dreamed it would be.

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  1. This is approximately the third instance I’ve heard people describe Paris with “You’re in PARIS!”. Verbatim. There’s something about this city that is indescribable but at the same time so definable.

    Love the pictures.

  2. Great post and fantastic shots. I’m off to Paris next week and they remind me to not forget the details and the beauty that can be found in every little thing.

  3. Just read this wonderfully inspirational post (don’t know how i missed it the first time round!) and I totally agree! I loved visiting all the famous monuments and galleries, but equally, if not more, the memorable moments were a result of the unexpected wanderings around the beautiful streets. We cannot wait to return in June! 🙂
    p.s. great photographs…especially the last one!

  4. Oh my! Mike would you mind divulging where those fabulous mugs are? I have been looking for just the right item to stock up on for when we move home in August and those take the cake! They look like something Merci would have but I am hoping it is some quaint shop I haven’t discovered yet. Thanks so much for the gorgeous pictures of the place I am lucky enough to call home for a few more months!

  5. I appreciate the kind words, Paige. I agree, it is difficult to put into words how magical the city really is. The pictures help though!

  6. A lovely post that perfectly captures the essence of what’s so special about Paris (but can be hard to put into a words.) Wonderful!

  7. Hi Bev! The cafe is called Le Sevigne – It’s at the corner of Rue Payenne and Rue Du Parc Royal in the Jewish Quarter. It’s across the street from Square Leopold-Achille. Adorable little spot – and great coffee!!

  8. Love this and totally agree with everything you’ve written here. Can you tell me the name and location of the cafe you have pictured here? Looks like a place we’d like to add to our list for our next visit.

  9. Wonderfully evocative and precise consideration of Paris and of what makes Paris Paris! Thank you for the gift of the thoughts and images you present here. You captured my sense of the city and is spot on!

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