Paris in Black & White, Bicycle, Michael Kandel

Paris is beautiful no matter how you view it, but through a monochrome lens, its true elegance and character become strikingly apparent.

Paris in Black & White, Eiffel Tower, Michael Kandel

Removing color from a place so rich in fashion, art and culture impresses a fresh perspective upon both the tourist and seasoned resident.

Paris in Black & White, Pain Vin Fromage, Michael Kandel

You see things differently, and find magnificence between shades of gray that you may have missed walking the colorized streets in person.

Paris in Black & White, Eiffel Tower Le Consulat, Michael Kandel

Paris in Black & White, Cafe Window, Michael Kandel

Paris in Black & White, Locks, Michael Kandel

Paris in Black & White, Locks, Michael Kandel

Paris in Black & White, Metro, Michael Kandel

Paris in Black & White, Metro 2, Michael Kandel

Paris in Black & White, Fat & Furious, Michael Kandel


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Written by Michael Kandel for the HiP Paris Blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.



Mike Kandel

Mike Kandel is a professional freelance photographer who specializes in travel, music, and documentary photography. His work has been published by local, national, and international media, magazines and blogs, and has been viewed by a global audience. To see more of Mike’s work, visit his portfolio (, blog (, and connect with him on facebook (


  1. Paris is THE city for monochrome. There is something so timeless about that really comes through in black and white. Simple, yet still complex and always so lovely! Beautiful photographs.

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