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  • My Perfect (Jewish) Day in Paris with Karen Reb Rudel

    Karen Reb Rudel is a Jewish American who has called Paris her home for over 20 years and runs a walking tour company called Sight Seeker’s Delight. Join us as Karen takes us through her perfect (Jewish) day in Paris!

  • Left: A book called "Passion Simple" by french author Annie Ernaux lies on top of an embroidery kit on a white furry textile. The embroidery shows a stitching of a silhouette of a woman with a distinctive floral tattoo on her right upper arm. Beside the embroidery kit and the book is a wooden tray with a white cup of tea and a dried white flower that is tan and crispy. Right: A woman wearing a white laced long sleeved top, white cigarette pants and white shoes is pictured looking at a bouquiniste stand in Paris. Her hair is silver blond and is tied back with a white ribbon. She is holding her brown bag in her right hand. The bouquiniste shop has a lot of vintage french books, posters, magazines and journals. The window of the Notre Dame Cathedral can be seen behind the bouquiniste.

    6 Must-Read Contemporary French Female Writers

    There are plenty of fabulous french female writers to discover. And if you don’t speak French, you can always opt for the English version. If you’re on the lookout for new contemporary authors, look no further.

  • My Perfect Day in Paris with Kasia Dietz

    We caught up with the American handbag designer Kasia Dietz to get a closer look at her perfect day in Paris, which includes coffee, shopping, and a few can’t miss museums.

  • Seven Ways to Bring France Into Your Home

    There’s just something dreamy about French interiors. Here are seven ways to bring a touch of France to your home.

  • Left: a view of the Eiffel Tower through tree branches with no leaves on them. The roof of a few Parisian buildings are visible as well. Right: an aerial shot of an oval white and blue serving dish filled with clementines and nuts. There is a gold nutcracker in the shape of a woman's body visible.

    An American’s Guide to Thanksgiving in Paris

    There is no French equivalent to Thanksgiving, so you’ll likely have fun explaining the holiday to your French friends. But, this also means that you may have trouble finding all of the traditional American ingredients for your favorite fare. If you’re in Paris this year, here are a few tips on how to make the day special!

  • Left: a Parisian fireplace mantle with bottles of alcohol, citrus fruits, and several glasses. There is a mirror on the mantle. Right: A group of three people on a Parisian balcony. There is a table with plates of food and glasses and there is a man sitting on a chair to the left, there is one woman standing to the right, and another woman sitting in a chair and drinking.

    How to Host a French Apéritif at Home

    One of the important facets of French food culture is l’apéro. Not only does l’apéro help stimulate your appetite as you enjoy a pre-meal drink, but it’s also a time to relax and rehash your day with friends or family. The term comes from the word l’apéritif, which is the French word for drinks served with small bites before a larger meal. If you want to enjoy one of my favorite parts of French culture, here’s how to host a French apéro at home!

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