Kasia Dietz is an American Paris-based designer and writer who grew up looking at life through a creative lens thanks to her artist mother and writer father. Kasia is from the Hamptons in New York and lived in New York City for over 10 years before embarking on a journey around the world. She returned to New York, energized by her travels, where she met her future husband on Soho’s Prince Street. Kasia jokes when she tells me, “Where better to meet a prince?” 

Left: A man and woman's faces are lovingly pressed close to each other, and they are both smiling. Right: The torsos of a man and woman walking through the street together, hands interlocked.
Top: Catherine O’Hara / Above: Kasia & her husband – Chloe Lodge

Kasia began dreaming of designing handbags when she was working in the advertisement industry in New York City. After moving to Paris to join her Italian partner, Kasia noticed that there was “a lack of casual yet elegant everyday bags: totes that can be used for both market shopping and strolling the stylish boulevards of Paris.” Kasia launched her first handbag collections in 2010, and Kasia Dietz handbags was born.

Left: The exterior of a teal and windowed restaurant is shown with the terrace in front. On the terrace there is a white table with various flowers on top, and mismatched chairs around it. Right: A latte with flower art is pictures on top of a marble countertop.
Left: treizebakeryparis / Right: Loustic

I caught up with Kasia (from the comfort of our own homes, of course) to get a closer look at her perfect day in Paris, which includes coffee, delicious eats, shopping, and a few museums you won’t want to miss. 

Left: A man and woman are standing close together in a doorway, smiling and looking directly at the camera. Right: A woman is angled towards the camera, looking through an open window and smiling slightly.
Left: Chloe Lodge / Right: Elizabeth Young

Start with Coffee, End with Chocolate

“Even before moving to Paris, I considered myself a Rive Droite girl, particularly drawn to my Haut Marais neighborhood. I’m a big coffee, or rather café crème, drinker. My go-to locales include Loustic and Partisan. A favorite gastronomic lunch spot where I take special visitors or enjoy dining solo is the restaurant Glou. And when a nostalgic mood strikes, Le Petit Marché near Place des Vosges is a classic, reminding me of my early years in Paris. Plus, the moelleux au chocolat is heavenly!

If I felt like wandering over to Saint-Germain-des-Près in the 6th for lunch or weekend brunch, Treize au Jardin serves up the best Southern American cuisine, biscuits and all. The Luxembourg Gardens across the street from their lush terrace makes for the ideal post-meal stroll. For a casual dinner, a selection of sharing plates at Freddy’s in Saint-Germain makes for a perfect evening.” 

Left: A woman is standing in a small archway, looking directly at the camera and smiling. A man stands closely next to her, smiling at her instead of the camera. Right: A woman stands angled towards the camera, smiling. Her skirt flows as if she has just turned around to face the camera.
Kasia & her husband: Chloe Lodge

A Little Bit of Shopping

“Favorite local designers whose timeless clothing I’ve been collecting for years include Erotokritos, Koshka Paris, and Anika Lena Skärström. My perfect day includes stopping to chat with these artisans and discovering their latest collections in between visits to my favorite vintage shops which include Citizen Concept Store and Seven Boys & Girls. There’s nothing like French vintage!” 

Left: A small round café table with two coffee cups on it, and two red and white chairs are pictured on a terrace. There is a white canvas tote bag resting on one of the chairs that reads "I <3 Paris." Left: A woman stands centered in front of the Eiffel Tower in Champs de Mars.
Left: Bags by Kasia Dietz / Left: Catherine O’Hara

Paris is the Perfect City for a Stroll

A woman stands in the middle of a Parisian street wearing a striped patterned trench coat and holding a  white canvas tote bag that reads "75003" in black.
Bags by Kasia. Photo by: David Fitt

“Have I mentioned yet how much I adore my Haut Marais? It’s the ‘secret’ gardens like Square Georges Cain and Jardin Lazare-Rachline along Rue Payenne that will forever enchant me. My perfect day includes a stroll through the Marais to Île Saint-Louis, where I’ll sit in my spot along Quai d’Orléans with a view of Notre Dame and stare deep into the ever-changing sky while dreaming up ideas for new bags. If weather permits, it’s all about picnicking with friends or meeting for an apéro and live jazz at Peniche Marcounet. The perfect day continues by biking along the river with my husband and stopping for crêpes at our favorite family-run food truck before ending the evening watching the sunset from the rooftop of Fluctuart, a floating urban art museum.”

Left: A large transparent structure with the word "Fluctuart" is visible, there are people indoors and entering the structure. Right: The interior of a restaurant is pictured. There are three table set for two, with one chair on one side and a banquette bench on the other. The wall behind the banquette works as a shelf and had various bottles of alcohol on it.
Left: Fluctuart / Right: Glou Paris

Can’t-Miss Museums

“Exhibitions at the Picasso Museum always feed my soul, as does a visit to the Musée de la Vie Romantique, where intellectuals and artists the likes of Georges Sand and Fredrick Chopin gathered. For creative inspiration, I stop by the Pompidou to visit favorite artists including Sonia Delaunay and Paul Klee. The recent Christo exhibition was particularly moving as I had the chance to interview this revered artist about his Paris work shortly before his passing.”

Left: A small round red table and two red chairs outdoors on a terrace. There is a white and black canvas tote bag on one chair that reads "Droite Rive." Right: An outdoor garden with a life-sized bronze sculpture in the foreground. There is a green park bench and light post in the background.
Kasia Dietz

Life Goes on Under Lockdown

“Lockdown life keeps me busy writing about past travels while dreaming about those I long to take. I’m also in the midst of designing new bag collections. But I can’t wait to sit at a cafe terrace over a glass of wine!”

Kasia’s Perfect Day in Paris Addresses

New York-born Kasia Dietz is a Paris-based designer and travel writer who shares her adventures on the award-winning blog Love in the City of Light. Discover her limited edition handbags in her online boutique and mention CODE: HIPPARIS for 10% off your next purchase.

You can travel around the world through her published work. You can also connect with Kasia on Instagram to stay updated on her latest projects, including her virtual fashion club and custom shopping tours.

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