Left: A watercolor painting of a man sitting on a roof with a woman laying next to him with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Right: A watercolor painting of a woman smiling while she paints with gray rooftops behind her.
Top and Above: Lina Nordin Gee

Lina Nordin Gee is a Swede in Paris who wears many hats. An accomplished fashion designer, she infuses her unique combination of Parisian chic and Scandi minimalism into the ethos of her accessories label, Deuxième Studios.

Left: Lina Nordin Gee enjoying a perfect day in Paris, walking in front of an old door, her long blong hair worn loose, with red roses in her hand while carrying an umbrella and wearing a beige trench coat. Right: A watercolor painting in pastel colors of Parisian roof tops with green trees on the edges of the image.
Lina Nordin Gee

Lina has lived in five countries, speaks three languages, and is always up to something new and exciting. When not designing beautiful shoes and bags, or exploring the best of Paris with her husband, Oliver (of the Earful Tower), she picks up her paints and brushes to indulge her artistic side. During the lockdown, her daily watercolors of Paris took social media by storm. Following le confinement, Lina updated her Etsy shop with prints and other products. Currently, she is working on an exciting new project with Oliver (albeit for a slightly younger crowd – stay tuned!).

We caught up with the charming Parisienne at the end of summer, and got a glimpse into her busy creative life in the buzzing 18th arrondissement.  Lina Nordin Gee’s perfect day in Paris involves lots of coffee, shopping trips around Montmartre, and breathtaking views of Paris from the top.

Left: A watercolor painting of a croissant, coffee, and book on top of a table at a café with another table and chairs in the background. Right: Lina Nordin Gee smiling as she shields her eyes from the sun with both hands after enjoying a perfect day in Paris.
Lina Nordin Gee

Brunch, coffee, and more coffee

“For my perfect Paris day, I wouldn’t wake up too early (I’m not really a morning person). I love breakfasts that turn into lunches, so I would head out for brunch. I would go to Papilles in the Pigalle area, near where I live. They have really amazing pancakes. I would then walk across to the fantastic terrace at KB Coffee Roasters for a flat white; they’re among the best in town.”

Left: A woman sitting on the floor with a scarf in her hair painting a watercolor of a statue in the Louvre. Right: A man and a woman laughing and sitting at a table with coffee in a café.
Lina Nordin Gee / Danielle Nicole

A vintage-inspired afternoon

“I would wander around the neighborhood for a little bit and pop into a couple of my favorite vintage shops. I really like Célia Darling and Rose Market. I am inspired by the yesteryears in general, so I really enjoy looking at art and vintage pieces from bygone eras.

Left: A cream colored dress with lace details on a dress form. Right: A clothing rack with colorful clothing.
Rose Market Vintage

Currently, I’m into Le Corbusier, abstract shapes, and the Riviera from the 50s and 60s. Some of these vintage shops capture that vibe and aesthetic very well. I would also go to Marché Saint-Pierre, where I love looking at fabrics. If it’s a weekend, I’d make a stop at the Marché aux Puces, near rue des Martyrs, to find some cool antiques and curiosities.

Left: A man and woman on a moped with helmets on. The woman is smiling. Right: A watercolor painting of the Sacré-Coeur church with Parisian roof tops.
Danielle Nicole / Lina Nordin Gee

I would then go home for a while. We live on the fifth floor in a tiny little Montmartre apartment. I like to sit by the window, gather my thoughts, and probably do some sketching. When you’re an entrepreneur you’re always and never working. So even if it’s a weekend, I’d probably find myself doing some kind of work.”

Rooftop views, a romantic sunset, and the perfect Paris dinner

“In the evening, I would meet up with a friend for an apéro somewhere on rue des Abbesses for some people-watching – it’s quiet but still busy enough to be interesting. If the weather is good, I’d pop up to the rooftop bar of the Terrass Hotel. You can see all of Paris from up there and it’s often surprisingly empty. Not a lot of people know about it.

Left: Two hands preparing a yellow cocktail with white cream and greens herbs on top. Right: A rooftop garden with a table and a view of Parisian roof tops in the background.
Terrass Hotel

Then I would walk up to Sacré-Coeur for a perfect sunset view. You often find people in love, enchanted tourists… There’s something really magical about that place in the evenings.

Left: A man preparing a red cocktail with a mint herb leaf, a straw, and a stirrer. Right: View of a cocktail with mint leaves and a cucumber on a table from above.
Terrass Hotel

To top off my perfect day in Paris, I’d take a gamble on a new-looking restaurant in Pigalle or Montmartre. I’m always looking for cool new bars and eateries. You never really know what you’re going to get, and I find that quite exciting. Of course, for the perfect day, we’d have to hope it turned out to be a good restaurant. But, if you’ve got the right company and you’re in Paris, you’re almost guaranteed a memorable experience no matter where you go.”

Lina’s perfect day in Paris addresses

Lina Nordin Gee is a Paris-based designer and illustrator. Check out some of her stunning creations at her Etsy shop and online boutique, Deuxième Studios. You can also connect with Lina on Instagram to stay updated on her latest projects.   

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Left: A watercolor painting of a park with a fountain in the middle. There are buildings surrounding the park. Right: A watercolor of a Parisian cafe called Les Deux Magots. There are people sitting at tables outside and there is a green and cream colored awning.
Lina Nordin Gee

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