HiP Paris blog. Cueillette de Gally. A cornucopia of fresh produce

I presently have the wonderful fortune of spending fall in Paris, carb overloading and seizing every opportunity to practice my French. But when my phonetics fail me and the non-French accent is detected, forcing a sometimes defeated “j’habite à New York en fait,” I am always met with enthusiasm and professions of love for the city I’ve called home for the last eight years.

HiP Paris blog. Cueillette de Gally. Spend an afternoon lost amongst the apples'

Upon slightly more probing, it typically comes out that I am not actually from New York City, but rather New York State. Though I’d trade suburbia for life in the big city any day, there are things about a calmer lifestyle that I miss from time to time. The most recent manifestation? A longing to go apple picking, an autumn activity I have fond childhood memories of.

HiP Paris blog. Cueillette de Gally. Produce isn't the only thing to be found here- pick some of les fleurs to brighten up your home

HiP Paris blog. Cueillette de Gally. Veggie hunting

A quick search for farms near Paris lead me to the Cueillette de Gally, not far from Versailles. I swiftly contacted the one friend in Paris with a car, checked the weather report for the weekend, and ended up spending a beautiful 65-degree day outside the city. We came back with gorgeous leeks, perfectly dirt-dusted carrots, a pumpkin, flowers, and even some late-season raspberries. And, of course, plenty of apples that were destined for my mom’s beloved apple pie recipe.

HiP Paris blog. Cueillette de Gally. Picking raspberries

HiP Paris blog. Cueillette de Gally. Raspberries

The Cueillette de Gally is open daily from 9am – 6:30pm from April to November, and you can check what is in season, opening hours, and more on their website here. They host classes and events for children at the cueillette as well as the nearby ferme, making it a great weekend activity for families as well.

HiP Paris blog. Cueillette de Gally. Carrying the day's spoils

Note: the ferme and cueillette are located just west of the Versailles gardens, approximately 30 minutes from Paris by car; the nearest RER station is Saint-Cyr. The cueillette is a 30-minute walk from this station, or quick 10-minute car ride if calling a taxi is preferable.

Cueillette de Gally- Route de Saint-Cyr, 78870 Bailly. Tel: +33 (0)1 39 63 30 90.

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Written by Erin Dahl for the HiP Paris Blog. All photos by Erin Dahl. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.


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