Paris’ Favorite Left Bank Bookshop Opens Shakespeare & Company Café

by Isabel Miller-Bottome
Written By

Isabel Miller-Bottome

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Isabel moved to Paris after graduating from UC Santa Barbara. Her poetry and articles have been published by The Catalyst, Into the Teeth of the Wind, Spectrum Literary Journal, The Daily Nexus, The Culture Trip, and the HiP Paris Blog. View Isabel Miller-Bottome's Website

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5 comments on “Paris’ Favorite Left Bank Bookshop Opens Shakespeare & Company Café

Great memories of Paris. We are going again in April, Springtime In Paris with places like Shakespeare

We always stayed in that neighborhood when we visited Paris. We stayed in a wonderful small hotel then we got an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Lovely memories ..

I’m so excited to visit this cafe!!

I so want to go back to Paris now ..just to see the cafe. ☕ ..I love the look of it too.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (1977 or 78) and I was a young student who had decided to take a year off in the middle of my undergraduate degree, I did what every self-respecting backpacker did when in Paris: I spent a night with a whole bunch of other young, impecunious backpackers upstairs from Shakespeare and Co. I even took a really nice picture of George while I was there. I still have it.

I haven’t been back there since 1992, despite the fact that I spent a month in Paris just this May. Your article has inspired me to go and visit again the next time I’m in my favourite city in the world!

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