HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top French podcasts to enjoy while you have a coffee, like this creamy Cappuccino on a wooden table, next to a phone with a podcast on the screen.Juja Han
Though French radio has long been the first stop for francophiles, a steady stream of producers have begun launching independent podcasts in Paris over the last two years, giving lovers of all things French a new way to tune in. From audio documentaries to tips for well being, these French producers are drawing attention for their departure from traditional French radio.
Here are a few of our favorites:
HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top French podcasts to listen to while you stroll around Paris, passing street art like this 'Bonjour' with hearts drawn on a door and watching life go by.Foundry

1. Julien Cernobori, Rives de Seine

Walk the streets of Paris with this audio documentary. Over the course of 12 episodes you’ll hear France Inter journalist Julien Cernobori walk along the Seine River as he describes and interacts with the city of lights. Produced by Binge Audio for the city of Paris.

Best episode: Quai Branly, déborder d’amour

HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top French podcasts like journalist Lauren Bastide's La Poudre (left), which can be enjoyed any time, even on the way to drinks with your friends at the Eiffel Tower (right).La Poudre / Kaci Baum

2.Lauren Bastide, La Poudre

One of the first feminist podcasts to launch in France, La Poudre features one woman activist, artist, politician, mentor, role model per episode. The show is hosted by Lauren Bastide, a former Editor at ELLE magazine. Produced by Nouvelles Ecoutes.

Best Episode: Amandine Gay

HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top French podcasts, which gives you some sense of the cultural landscape in the country, and can even be quite funny and make you laugh, like this black girl smiling happily in summer in Paris as she poses in front of the Eiffel Tower at Trocadero.Atikh Bana

3. Charlotte Pudlowski, Transfert

Transfert is one of Slate’s few French language podcasts. Hosted by Charlotte Pudlowski, each episode is a unique exploration into a personal temoignage. If you’re a fan of Radiotopia’s Love and Radio, you’ll enjoy listening to these deeply personal stories. Produced by Charlotte Pudlowski for Slate.fr.

Best episode: L’histoire d’un appel qui a changé une vie

HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top French podcasts, which are bound to help you get better at French - you'll be understanding all those street signs, like this one for 'exit' in no time.Lucas Gallone

4.Clotilde Dusoulier, Change ma vie

A weekly podcast with 10 to 15 minutes of simple wellness advice from the author of the food blog Chocolate and Zucchini. Her tips cover everything from how to deal with stress to remembering gratitude. Produced by Clotilde Dusoulier.

Best episode: La gratitude

HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top French podcasts to listen to while you sit on the steps of a square somewhere in Paris, watching life go by, like this girl in a navy polka-dot top, smiling (left). They can also be useful in telling you where to go for the best food in Paris like this dish of curried vegetables being carried by a woman in a woolly sweater (right).

HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top French podcasts, which can help you find the best places to eat in Paris and elsewhere, like this dish of curried vegetables laid out in white bowls on a wooden table (right) as well as where to pick up the best vegetables like this selection of butternut, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, and turnips, laid out on a wooden table (left).Clotilde Dussolier / Chocolate and Zucchini – Céline de Cérou

5.Chanel’s 3.55

Chanel’s 3.55, (In both French and English) is a collaboration between Chanel and Colette. Hosted by journalist Daphné Hézard, each episode features an interview with a different artist or musician and explores what it means to be an artist today. Produced by Nouvelles Ecoutes.

Best episode: Ibeyi, franco-cuban musicians.

HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top French podcasts which can help you better understand French culture and better interact with people in cafes like this girl standing at the counter of a restaurant (left). You can enjoy these podcasts while drinking a cup of your favorite coffee, like this one in a blue mug, on a white-washed wooden table, next to a phone and laptop (right).Generation XX / Alexander Mils

6. Siham Jibril’s Generation XX

Siham Jibril’s podcast about the startup generation features French female business owners discussing how they got their start. Produced by Siham Jibril.

Best episode: Mathilde Lacombe, co-founder of Birchbox

HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top French podcasts, which you can then share with your friends, like these two girls sat at a picnic table making notes.Alexis Brown

Bonus: Hungry for more French podcasts? Podcastore is THE podcast about independent French podcasts. Each episode features a roundtable of friends reviewing the newest French podcasts.

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