The best way to learn a language is usually by having an extended stay abroad so you can fully immerse yourself in the culture. Unfortunately, as this is currently not an option due to the COVID-19 crisis, some of you may be eager to work on your language skills from afar. We gave some other tips for working on your French in this recent article, and here are some excellent online French classes, websites, and other tools to help you add some structure to the advancement of votre français.

French Girl in Seattle Takes France

Some of you might be familiar with Véronique Savoye, who runs the popular blog and Facebook page French Girl in Seattle Takes France. However, you may not know that Véronique also gives online French lessons. She has more than 15 years of experience as an adult educator and cross-cultural trainer during her time living in the U.S. She offers online private and group classes, as well as travel preparation workshops (in French or English). Contact her here to learn more.

The Eiffel Tower can be seen in the hazy distance, and sunny Parisian rooftops can be seen in the forefront.
Top: Mathieu Oger/ Above: Paul Dufour

Master Parisian French with Llyane Stanfield

One of the most difficult things about learning a new language is perfecting pronunciation, and this is particularly challenging when it comes to French. As a trained actor and language instructor, obtaining a good French accent is a focal point for Llyane Stanfield’s online classes, in addition to conversation fluidity. She offers private classes by Skype, which you can preview in her free French Crash Course for Easy Conversation guide, downloadable on her website.

French Today

Created by a French couple who lived in the U.S for many years, this online method presents a modern approach to learning French and makes learning grammar actually fun. They have modules for different levels, and you can download a free trial on their site here.

An old man stands by stalls of art near the Seine in Pairs. Beautiful paintings that display scenes of Paris can be seen hanging from the stalls.
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Coffee Break French

For something a little more casual, check out these online French courses and free podcasts. The program has different levels that teach the basics for beginners and go up to advanced programs featuring interviews with real people.


If you would like a little more flexibility with your learning schedule or can’t afford private lessons, then this well-established program could be for you. With 90 years in educational training, Assimil has designed an intuitive online language program organized in 30-40 minute lessons. Each one involves listening, study, and practice. Discover their French program here and their range of pedagogical books here.

Schools items are laid out on a white surface, including: paperclips, a pen, a notebook with a pair of headphones on top, reading glasses and a cup of colored pencils.
Debby Hudson

French via Movies, Articles & Culture

The region of Ile-de-France has started an exciting initiative called Qioz, a platform that helps you learn languages via movies, TV series, and documentaries. It’s free, although signup is required. The website So French Class has some great free learning modules for improving your French through articles, songs, and movies. However, these are more for those with an intermediate or advanced level. 

If you’d like to keep up to date on the news while improving your French, then tune into Radio France International’s Le Journal en français facile, 10-minute news segments read slowly in French and accompanied by the transcript. 

Lastly, your level is advanced enough, you may also like to improve your fluency by listening to some of our favorite French podcasts.

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  1. Thank you SO much, HIP Paris, for featuring us in Lily Heise’s article, we are deeply grateful! ????❤

  2. Unfortunately, QIOZ is not available outside Île de France. I have never taken their their one-on-one French lessons, but I have bought French Today’s workbooks and they are great. They are downloaded to your device, come in different language learning levels, you can slow the audio for better comprehension, and they use colloquial everyday French. I really like them. This lockdown is a great opportunity to brush up on our French language learning.

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