It’s been a while since the sun has shined on the streets of the City of Light. When it gets this cold, Parisians master the art of staying in and cozying up with a good book or podcast. From drama to true crime and pop culture, here are a few brand new French podcasts to binge on with a cup of chocolat chaud this season. 

  • Queens of Snakes from Aurevoir Charlie Productions – This fiction podcast stars French rapper JoeyStarr and comedian Mélodie Fontaine in an adventure story. The series follows two best friends who fall into the business of selling mamba snakes on the black market. 
HiP Paris blog's favorite winter podcasts include Le Canon sur la Tempe about murders (left) and Queens of Snakes, an adventure story with actor Joey Starr (right).
Top image: Mat Reding. Above images: Le Canon sur la Tempe / Queen of Snakes
  • Le Canon sur la Tempe from Nouvelles Écoutes – It’s the French Serial! This narrative podcast from producer Alexandre Mognol brings listeners to the small French village of Béziers to investigate a crime committed in the 90s.
When it's cold and snowing outside in Paris, like in this picture of Notre Dame Cathedral, what could be better than staying inside and listening to one of our favorite podcasts?
Robin Benzrihem
  • Promenades Imaginaires from Musée d’Orsay and Création Collective – This narrative podcast from the Musée D’Orsay plays with art and sound. Each episode is inspired by a work of art and narrated as a short story.
A colorful illustrated poster for 'Emotions' podcast, one of our favorite winter podcasts, from Louie Media, which deals with stage fright.
  • Vertical Pop from Vertical Audio – This short pop culture review podcast is an easy one to binge. The concept is simple: Five to six minutes on a film, released the week after it hits theaters.
  • Emotions podcast from Louie Media – This narrative podcast hosted by producer Adélie Pojzman-Pontay dives deep into what our emotions mean, and why we feel the way we do. The first episode was just released and deals with stage fright. 

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Lory Martinez

Lory Martinez is a Paris-based freelance writer and podcast producer. Her work has been featured on NPR, UN Radio, and Great Big Story. She also hosts the podcast Serial Culture, in which she explores the multicultural identities of Parisians.

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