Kid-Friendly Travel: An American Family Visits the City of Lights

by Michelle Lehnardt
Written By

Michelle Lehnardt

Writer and photographer Michelle Lehnardt, runs through the streets of Salt Lake City, makes movies with her five wild boys and buys way too many dresses for her little princess. She writes for various publications and at View Michelle Lehnardt's Website

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17 comments on “Kid-Friendly Travel: An American Family Visits the City of Lights

What adorable little goofballs! Thanks for the inspiration.

really love your blog!
and i do love Paris..! for me, there’s no city as good as Paris
rien ne se peut comparer a Paris..:)

While I love the notion of visiting paris with my family and hope to do it soon, I am not sure if it would cost the same as a vacation to disney world? You mentioned that flight deals are everywhere, I am always searching and prices never dip under the 1k mark and those are cheap, more like 1300 from dallas is the norm. A flight to orlando from dallas is below 200 most of the time, at their most expensive you get them for 300, please point me in the direction of these deals as we would love to visit soon 🙂

What a beautifully written piece on visiting Paris! While I have never been, I absolutely adore Europe and Paris is one of my top “to-see” destinations. More importantly, as the oldest of four in a family that packed our youth with museum visits and family vacations, I can say there are no greater experiences or memories than those in which my parents were so great to take us on wonderful adventures. The memories last a LIFETIME!

I adore Paris. I went about 8 years ago for the first time, and it was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on. I had a bestie living in Fontanbleau, and every day we’d take the metro into the city and soak it up. Having a friend there made it even more fun…they took me to Giverny and I painted in Monet’s garden. We were able to do some things I wouldn’t have managed otherwise since they knew places and had a car. I long to take my family there someday. It’s just magical. Your pictures make it even more enchanting…you have such a wonderful style and way of capturing the world. Love it! ♥

Funny…we’re looking for Paris travel arrangements and who do we find? Your family!!! Looks like a great vacation. Traveling with the family is the best! I love seeing your opinion because our family is so similar. Take care!

Just when I thought I couldn’t want a trip to Paris any more, I read this! Your family never ceases to amaze me and I am so glad you have such a real and tangible love for the city that I called home. Very well done!

Gorgeous photos! We have loved taking our family to Paris. When my 5 year old talks about dream vacations, he always lands in Paris. Shopping in the markets and cooking in our flat is the best part. Mmmm, I can just taste the endive. Can’t wait to get back.

What a beautiful trip. I hope to take my family back to Paris someday very soon. xo

I absolutely love these photographs! And great advice for any family.

well, Michelle, I think HiP SHOULD pay you something or at least send you a few baguettes to your home from time to time…. 🙂
what a wonderful article and glorious happy pixies of your family and so very American!
I understand Isabella, although I don’t agree with her; I know how much you fancy ‘smiley’ pictures and I know that you can’t do anything about that. I smiled with you and think it’s great that you showed your enthusiasm in such a creative and sunny way.
I also agree that kids get ‘auto-educated’ on trips like this because they consume culture without the hassle of ‘having to learn’ but in a play-like way – ‘en passant’….
Thank you for the joy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wonderful photos, and smiles on all the faces. A trip of a lifetime! glad you started early in their lives, so they can go back as they grow and compare… I wish I had gone when I was younger, and my kids, too.
Happy Valentines

Isabella– you have a beautiful name, but your comment was just plain mean. We are very much a real family, with real problems who smiled our way through the magic of Paris.

Hmm, but I guess I’m flattered that you think my photos have a glossy magazine look.

The free museums are such a huge perk! I went to Paris for the first time when I was 11, and I absolutely fell in love. Pains au chocolat, the Disney store on the Champs-Elysee (my “I love Paris” shirt had Mickey and the Eiffel Tower on it!), Versailles–so much for a kid to explore and enjoy!

Love this! I’ve been wanting to bring my girls (9 and 10) to Paris because I know they will love it as I do. And reading about your 6 kids (mostly boys) just makes me wonder why I keep putting it off! Love your photos!

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