Whether you’re sitting on the edge of the Seine or on the terrace of a charming Parisian café, jazz often wafts through the air in the City of Light. Jazz arrived in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is still alive and well, making its mark on the capital. 

I use to live near rue des Lombards, what I like to call the jazz center of Paris. Each night was an adventure, filled with the wonderful rich tunes and harmonies traveling through the streets, into my cozy chambre de bonne. 

During my stay in the 1st arrondissement, I went almost weekly to some of the greatest clubs in the City. Here are a few of my favorites to help you start your journey discovering the best jazz venues this magical city has to offer. 

(Left) A woman with a black dress leans against a yellow wall looking at a band play on stage. (Right) A street at night with cars and yellow light lampposts.
Top: A woman sings by @cottonbro / Sunset Sunside ‘Jazz’ sign by @natashagatasha
Above: Jazz Bistro by @bekirdonmeez / Parisian street at night by @ylmzceline

Le Baiser Salé

For almost 40 years, Le Baiser Salé (or “The Salty Kiss”) has been entertaining Jazz lovers from around the world. The venue focuses on discovering new talent. Open until the early hours of the morning, Le Baiser Salé has it all – from open mics, jam sessions and special concerts! 

A Jazz Club with red neon lights
Le Baiser Salé by @Le Baiser Salé

Sunset Sunside

Right beside Le Baiser Salé, Sunset Sunside is another club that has been around for decades. This club prides itself on variety — whether you like Jazz Manouche, Blues or Bossa Nova, Sunset Sunside has a concert for you. Don’t miss their Saturday midnight sessions of jazz and cinema where they pay tribute to a cult film alongside their “house” orchestra. 

(Left) A person plays the keyboards and a microphone stands in front of them. (Right) A neon yellow sign for a Jazz club is placed on the side of a building.
Piano player by @caleboquendo / Sunset Sunside by @laurentlesax

Le Duc des Lombards

Offering more than 300 concerts per year, this famous jazz club has welcomed the greatest names in jazz. Just like New York jazz clubs, Duc offers two sets of concerts – one at 7pm and one at 10pm. This club is truly an experience that you will not want to miss.

(Left) Musicians play their instruments in a smokey bar under pink and purple lights. (Right) A band plays for an audience in an underground cellar with a red curtain as backdrop.
Musicians playing their instruments by @lucas.allman / Jazz concert in La Cave du 38’Riv by @38riv Jazz Club

And, although it is not located in rue des Lombards, 38’Riv is a necessary and honorable mention, as it is my favorite place to go for a glass of wine and great music!

Located in a small 12th century cellar, La Cave du 38’Riv has an amazing and varied program every day. Along with jazz concerts and jam sessions offered every other day during the week, 38’Riv is also known for their Brazilian Bossa Nova concerts and their Tuesday funk nights. 

These clubs will let you relish in cool sounds at reasonable prices, in great ambiance. Enjoy!

(Left) A line of people wait to enter a Jazz club with red lights. (Right) The sun sets behind dark buildings and lampposts making the sky tinted yellow.
People waiting outside Le Baiser Salé by @parisjazzclub / The sun sets in Paris by @_pauldebajit

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Paulina Trigos

A Puerto Rican in Paris, Paulina has been living in the City of Lights for four years completing her degree in Creative Writing and Film. Paulina spends her time looking for new exhibitions to discover and finding secret places in her favorite city. Passionate about culture, history and the arts, she loves Latin American literature, Bossa Nova and the D’Orsay. If she’s not in her usual reading spot, the Jardin du Luxembourg, you can usually find Paulina listening to local bands in her favorite music venues. Paulina is currently on a mission to find the best soupe à l’oignon in Paris – we will let you know once she finds it!

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