HiP Paris Blog finds the best restaurant in Paris' Chinatown which is Wen Zhou for its delicious dumplings.
Erin Dahl

Knowing where to eat in Chinatown isn’t an easy feat. Rows of unassuming and almost-identical storefronts line bustling blocks, and rue de Belleville in the 20th is no exception.

But 24 rue de Belleville is home to something special. Wen Zhou (not to be confused with La Cantine Chinoise WENZHOU at #16) is unappealing to the eye, but makes up for the drab décor with their made-with-love food, all prepared on site.

Favorites include the fluffy pork buns, grilled celery and pork dumplings, and smoked duck soup. The menu isn’t exclusive to carnivores though; there are numerous enticing vegetarian options as well.

Wen Zhou is the best restaurant in Belleville for steamed pork buns and dumplings.

Wen Zhou – 24 Rue de Belleville, 75020. Open Friday – Wednesday 11h-22h30. Metro: Belleville (ligne 2 & 11). Ph: +33 (0) 1 46 36 56 33.

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Erin Dahl

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