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Paris: Plus Ça Change… the More It’s the Same

by Tory Hoen
Written By

Tory Hoen

Tory Henwood Hoen is a former Paris resident who now lives in Brooklyn. Her debut novel, The Arc, is available in bookshops near you and online View Tory Hoen's Website

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17 comments on “Paris: Plus Ça Change… the More It’s the Same

Loved the post, as uge, bravo on capturing expat impressions of “our” Paris 🙂

Loved this post and your detailed description of your neighborhood! I’m so happy to know if I ever were to move back to the States, Paris would still feel the same to me during visits back.

“and complaining about the same things (everything).”

Et oui! J’en ai un à la maison, moi.. 🙂

moi aussi j’en ai une. Comment va tu Anna? Sono in America adesso!! Erica

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your comments. It’s nice to know this sentiment resonates with so many people in so many different places. Paris has that effect!

I love your photos of Paris as much as your words. 😉

And isn’t that why we love Paris?

I rely on Paris’ beauty and consistency… I love when I’m walking somewhere and am suddenly transported to when I was a student or on one of my previous visits before living here. C’est magique!

I think this is EASILY the most beautiful and truthful love letter to Paris I have seen for some time… 🙂
A ‘real’ Parisian told me yesterday when i commented on his being ‘a real French, naughty, complaining, charming, rude, funny…’ in his very sec manner: Oh, you know how I love the Italians, I always say We (the French, especially the Parisians) are all Italians BUT we moan about EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME… your lovely, lovely post reminded me of this exchange and made me ‘nod, nod, nod’ – my head nearly fell off!!!

Posted with wonderful photos – best(est) post of today 🙂

Great photos! I certainly agree–I love wandering through Paris and seeing the same bright blue door, taking a right turn into a hidden courtyard, biting into my falafel that’s just as good every time.

Loved this post – the sentiment and the beautiful pictures. And chuckled at “complaining about the same things (everything)”. I don’t think will really ever change – not the important things!

Love your post! Everything you write about Paris is so insightful and perfect. Thank you for your thoughts, written so well! Looking forward to more…..Paris is endless….:)

This is a truly magnificent post! I absolutely loved it. It is clear from your words, your love for the city of love. Oh how I envy you! I was there four years ago and I’ve never forgotten it. Nor do I think I ever will. There’s something about Paris that makes you feel alive–more beautiful, more chic, more in love with life! Thank you for sharing!

I like it like that too…..xv

Brilliant post – I try to reassure my friends who move back to the States that Paris will always be here, unchanged, so that they can pick back up where they left off.

Beautiful expressed sentiments. It is this sameness that provides those of us lucky to live here, a feeling of ‘home’.

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