Three Weeks in Paris: Maggie’s Top Food & Shopping Picks

by Maggie Battista
Written By

Maggie Battista

Passionate about fine dining and old-fashioned hospitality, Maggie is focused on finding hidden, authentic food gems and is absolutely in love with the creamy, salty butter sold all over Paris. She also runs an online magazine and market called Eat Boutique, where she discovers the best small batch foods by boutique food makers. Maggie’s based in Boston, with frequent trips to Paris, Brooklyn, Maine, and northern California. View Maggie Battista's Website

11 comments on “Three Weeks in Paris: Maggie’s Top Food & Shopping Picks

Hi Maggie,
happy you enjoyed Copenhagen 🙂

Yes, you should definately stop by Stockholm in Sweden one day, it’s a beautiful city. But make sure you go there during the summer…otherwise it’s pretty cold.

Hi Sollis!

Copenhagen was so much fun, I really loved it. I’ll have to visit Sweden next time. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

I’ve recently moved back to Sweden ( after have been living for a couple of years in Paris ) and I’m working in Copenhagen. Now when you mention Noma I’m reminded about the restaurant and their reservation list is full until the end of July, I should hurry up to put me on the list and see if Copenhagen can deliver delicous food just as Paris? That will be exciting to discover…..

To your question…my favourite croissant spot? During my time in Paris I was working in one of the galleries in the flea-market in St Ouen and each morning I used to treat myself with the most crusty and delicious croissant froma boulangerie at rue des rosiers. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the boulangerie, but if Im not mistaken it should be on the corner of rue des rosier and Rue Charles Garnier. Try it if you are passing by the flea-market one day 😉

Thanks a bunch for your tips and tricks Maggie. I have a three week stay in the Marais myself this Spring, Summer and Fall so can’t wait to sample a few of your suggestions.

Thank you for the tips on food and shopping. My husband and I are planning to go to Paris this fall and I’m starting to look for ideas and places to try out while we are there.

I miss Marais, I miss Paris, and I had the best marshmallows in Paris… 🙁

Lindsey: I am SO going to eat those marshmallows. I love marshmallows. 🙂

Andi: Please stay longer next time. Though Provence is beautiful too.


You definitely have to go to Fouquet for their exquisite marshmallows!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

I was just there, but had barely any time to play, as I was en route to Provence. This post makes me so sad that I didn’t have more time.

Hi Megan! Oh yes, I am going to Le Verre Vole a couple days after I land. I have heard great things and can’t wait. Thanks for reading! xox, Maggie

Since I didn’t get to go on my first (notice I said first) trip to Paris, perhaps you could check out Le-Verre-Vole for us and let us know what you think? Have a wonderful time. I am very jealous!

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