Paris Fashion Week: How to Dress the Part

by Erin Dahl
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Erin Dahl

Erin's had a whimsical affair with Paris since her first trip as a wide-eyed teenager. She is Editor for the HiP Paris Blog as well as Co-founder of Content Coopérative, Paris's first English-native content agency. View Erin Dahl's Website

10 comments on “Paris Fashion Week: How to Dress the Part

Gorgeous images, I miss Paris too 🙁

Nice outfits! I really like the white fur coat, it’s heavy but yet a timeless piece.

Great tips… Just wish I were there! xv

Beautiful yet yes, painful for me at any rate!

Art by Karena

Yeah, wearing heels like that in Paris is truly impractical and verges on self-torture in my opinion. But they are interesting to look at on someone else!

THe thought of strolling through Tuileries with those shoes on makes me LOL. When in Paris, I just strive to “blend in”!

Strolling around Tuilieries is lovely, but I say don’t go down there in stilettos and expect to get photographed if you’re not attending a show! I remember The Sartorialist made a comment about how “painful it is to watch” all the people dressed up hoping to be put on a blog. It’s become a real pathetic show with all the people hanging outside the entrances without tickets.

Maria at

Great pics:) I really like your much nice inspiration.
I wish you a lovely weekend.

LOVE Maria at

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