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On Becoming Parisian: 10 Signs I Belong in the City of Light

by Rooksana Hossenally
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Rooksana Hossenally

Originally from London, Rooksana moved to Paris for what was supposed to be six months - it's now been 12 years. A freelance journalist, she's contributed to many publications from the New York Times, Forbes, and BBC Travel to Condé Nast Traveller and the Guardian. She's headed up several print and online travel and culture magazines, and has worked with brands from L'Oréal to Glamour Magazine optimizing their online platforms. When not working, Rooksana's scouring the city for new creative pockets, hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurants, and procrastinating about the book she's meant to be writing. View Rooksana Hossenally's Website

10 comments on “On Becoming Parisian: 10 Signs I Belong in the City of Light

Hi Roxy,
l was very happy reading your tongue in cheek article, sent to me by doreyya.Hope that you are keeping fine, just like all of us here in Mauritius.
Regards to your mom and Reshad.
Love from all of us here A l’ile Maurice.

Hi Sonia!
Thanks a lot for your comment and yes you are absolutely right. I’m originally from London and that’s how I feel about London. I guess that what I was pointing out were things that stood out for me while living here in Paris. I’m glad to hear there are real Parisians ‘qui ne se prennent pas trop la tête’! 🙂

such a lovely insight to a beautiful city!! made me want to come there even more than i already do!! <3

I was born in Paris and lived there for 36 years of my life.You could say i am a real parisienne even if i don’t live in France anymore.
Reading your article made me laugh and i thought i gave you my opinion about what it is to be ‘Parisienne’. In my opinion you are really parisian when you do not try so hard to be one. Being parisian is about feeling free of things you need to do, places you need to be, habits you need to have, you just inhabit the city and its space freely without constraints.
There is nothing less parisian than someone who tries very hard to immitate one. A true parisian feels at ease in Barbes as well as in rue de la Pompe,she is a free spirit that does not need to drive a bike, or have dinner along the Seine or all the cliches that built the cities image.
This is the way i felt when i lived there a few years ago and this is how i still feel when i visit the city: totally free to be me. And by the way, i have always adored the Eiffel tower and felt free to say so, i always adored taking the metro regardless of the number of changes i had to do.I always very easily drifted from one arrondissement to the other just to stroll along the streets, Paris is a playground, a world in itself, do not limit yourself to some fashionable attitudes. Go everywhere, feel the life of a quartier, look at the people, smell the air, Paris has many many faces…..

Hi Rox from San Fran! How funny, my nickname is also ‘Rox’ 🙂

Thanks for your comment – can’t believe Paris and San Fran are so similar despite being separated by an entire ocean. Must have been sisters in a past life :p

What a delightful insightful piece – I had to laugh because with a few minor exceptions you could also be describing my hometown, San Francisco! Thanks for making me smile!!!

Not nearly there yet… :((

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