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The Parisian’s Paris: Discovering the 15ème Arrondissement

by Sylvia Sabes
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Sylvia Sabes

When not hitting the ol’ cobblestones hunting down the hottest new addresses for her job as Paris Expert for Afar magazine and Luxe City Guides, Sylvia pretends to be swamped disguised as a wife and mom. You can read more of her work at (link below) or follow her adventures on FB @SylviaDublanc View Sylvia Sabes's Website
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7 comments on “The Parisian’s Paris: Discovering the 15ème Arrondissement

Laura – Merci beaucoup for your lovely comment. And yes, it sounds like you will have to get to Paris soon! -Erin, HiP Paris

What a brilliant article on the 15th. I have been receiving HiP posts for a couple of years now, but I had no idea that you were blogging as well. I just signed up to receive posts, and I’m really excited. I am a true francophile, having studied the language for five or six years in college. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to travel to the City of Love, but it is at the top of my “bucket list”. When I’m planning, I would love to contact you at HiP for some assistance in finding the perfect spot to spend a week or two.

Votre travail est beau! Merci!


On our most recent visit to Paris, we rented a flat in the 15th arrondisement, and loved staying there! The periphery tram was nearby, from which we could travel to convenient metro stops to travel throughout the city. The bistros in this area were very good! The shopkeepers were very friendly and quite surprised to have American tourists in their neighborhood, so engaged us in wonderful conversations! We recommend finding a flat here to rent if you are going to have Paris as a destination. We had a full kitchen, so shopped the markets and did some cooking!

Phil, I’m flattered and thrilled to know I’m not alone lovin’ the 15th!. And please let me know if there are any other places you think we could be looking into.

Finally! A proper and well researched look at the 15th. It DOES extend beyond Boulevard de Grenelle, folks. It’s like people say the elevated train line and just stop walking west. Thanks for the great write-up.

Hi Phil. Thank you! We love the 15th and hope more visitors will discover it as well.

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