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  • Clothing rack in a thrift shop

    Zero-Waste Fashion the French Way

    Shopping in the French capital doesn’t need to take a hit on the environment. There are so many options for zero-waste fashion in Paris! Here’s our advice for limiting your carbon footprint in style.

  • Our Best Zero-Waste Personal Care Products From Paris

    The French beauty industry is going green, introducing sustainable products that reduce packaging and waste while still giving my daily routine an illusion of elegance.

  • Where to buy Zero-Waste Cleaning Products and Supplies in Paris

    Parisians have never lost the habit of shopping in local hardware shops, where you can find many zero-waste cleaning products. Les Drogueries D’Aujourd’hui is one of several new chains making the most of an old idea, offering wooden brushes with coconut fiber for everything from shining your shoes to scrubbing your sink.

  • Where to go in Paris’ Canal Saint-Martin Neighborhood

    Once an industrial hub, the Canal Saint-Martin area is now one of the trendiest, most dynamic quartiers in the city, with creative restaurants, fun fashion, and bars bursting with boisterous crowds.

  • Luxury Shopping in Paris Made Easy

    I recently learned that a lot of Anglophones are intimidated by walking into Paris’ luxury shops. To make things easier, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you venture into the world of couture.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral burns in Paris

    Paris’ Notre Dame Burns and the World Mourns

    Notre Dame is the figurative center of France. So last night when we heard the cathedral was burning, we showed up by the thousands.

  • La Cantine du Troquet is a HiP Paris go-to restaurant on rue du Cherche-Midi in Paris.

    The Best Restaurants on Paris’ Rue du Cherche-Midi

    Connoisseurs have known the rue du Cherche-Midi for the country bread and butter cookies baked in wood-burning ovens at Poilâne bakery since the 1930s and Le Cherche-Midi, one of the city’s best Italian restaurants since 1978. Tried and true, those two addresses were the best food Cherche-Midi had to offer. About three years ago, something changed and the street became a foodie destination.

  • Negotiating à la Française: The Meaning of Non

    Anyone who has spent a serious amount of time in Paris knows the word well. Non, Monsieur, it is not possible to have green beans instead of fries with your tartare… Non, you can not have a reservation for 20h, we have two seatings: 19h30 or 21h30… Non, I do not take credit cards in my taxi. Here are a few of the nons you may hear on your Parisian adventure.

  • Le Bougainville: Unfussy French Cooking near Place de la Victoire in Paris

    Le Bougainville: Homemade, Grandmother-Style French Cooking

    I recently found myself strolling near the Place de la Victoire, a business district that appeared closed for the day. Continuing in the direction of the more promising Passage Vivienne, my date and I spotting a 1950s-style café with mosaic tile floors, formica table tops, and primary color paint. We were dubious, but hungry, so we stepped in, happy to find that behind the near-empty café was a welcoming restaurant with a trove of pleased diners.

  • HiP Paris blog. BioCoop 21, Paris' first bag-free organic bulk shop. So many organic, fresh options!

    Paris’ First All Bulk Organic Supermarket Pop-up: BioCoop21

    BioCoop, a French organic grocery chain, has opened BioCoop21: Paris’ first all bulk, organic pop-up shop with over 250 options to buy 100% en vrac. The aroma of ripe fruit welcomes customers who come to fill up on groceries at this pocket-sized shop in Paris’ 10ème arrondissement.

  • HiP Paris blog. Discovering Saint Sulpice. Browsing on Boulevard Saint Germain.

    Saint-Sulpice: A Peek Inside One of Paris’ Most Coveted Neighborhoods

    Come take a stroll and explore the Saint-Sulpice neighborhood of Paris’ sixth arrondissement. Centered around the church of the same name, the area boasts eclectic food, cultural, shopping and nightlife options for every taste, so we’ve rounded up some of the best it has to offer.

  • HiP Paris blog. Le Bon Saint Pourçain. On the corner.

    Le Bon Saint Pourçain: Back with New Owners and a Traditional-Modern Mix

    A longtime favorite in Saint Germain, Le Bon Saint Pourçain reopened its doors under new ownership this spring, two years after its sudden closure. Striking the right balance between traditional and modern, this little gem has reclaimed its place among the classic Parisian bistrots.

  • French and American Cultural Difference: Empty Nester in Paris

    An Empty Nester in Paris

    With my youngest child leaving the nest, American friends send me “awws” and sad-faced emoticons, declaring, “Now you’ll be empty nesters.” My Parisian friends raise glasses in a toast, asking if I plan to follow Mr French on his business trips and enjoy long weekends across the globe.

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