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The Perfect French Playlist for Springtime in Paris

by Lisa Czarina Michaud
Written By

Lisa Czarina Michaud

Lisa Czarina Michaud is a native New Yorker who followed her calling for wine, cheese and beards five years ago when she moved to Paris on a whim. Her work has been published in Marie Claire UK, xoJane, Huffington Post Travel and France Passion Magazine. View Lisa Czarina Michaud's Website

4 comments on “The Perfect French Playlist for Springtime in Paris

Last year I created a playlist based partially on this post and other songs I discovered by looking up these artists! What a great way to discover music and to create my own life soundtrack at home. Any chance you could create a summer 2016 playlist for your blog?

Heather in Arles

Lisa! Oh, how I love that I didn’t realise that you had written this and was thinking, “Wow, I really have to leave a comment to thank the author because this is all awesome…” now that I know that it is you, your choices make perfect sense. 🙂

I cannot WAIT to listen to this playlist – especially as I have no idea who half the artists are. Go ahead and make fun of me all you want but I love the French version of The Voice as it has introduced me to so much of French pop…true, usually a bit of “ze oldies” but still…

Merci, encore, merci!

Lisa Czarina Michaud

Hi Carol!

Thanks for commenting! Music is the best way to really grasp a language, eh? A clever little trick!

Is the link for the Spotify playlist at the bottom of the article not working?


I learned French the same way. i hope no one overheard me singing along to NRJ..
Wish there were links here…

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