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L’Hydromel de Paris: A Catacombs-Fermented Cult Beverage in the Making

by Erin Dahl


Locals and tourists alike are well acquainted with Paris’ Catacombs. But there is something sitting beneath Place Denfert-Rochereau besides the famed bones of the departed.

A cult beverage in Paris: Hydromel de Paris

Audric de Campeau, beekeeper extraordinaire, is likely best known for his coveted Miel de Paris. One of the world’s most expensive honeys, Audric cultivates the sweet treat from his hives around Paris, many located atop of some of city’s the most famous buildings (think the Musée d’Orsay).

A cult beverage in Paris: Hydromel de Paris

However, Audric recently announced his newest venture, which found him trading rooftops for subterranean tunnels. He has been creating his Hydromel de Paris, or mead – a mythical alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey with drinking water, yeast, and minerals – in a section of The Catacombs inaccessible to the public. Drawing from winemaking knowledge garnered as a teenager, Audric held on to the idea of small-batch production with his hydromel, slowly aging the drink in oak barrels.

A cult beverage in Paris: Hydromel de Paris

Hydromel de Paris can be enjoyed like a Sauternes, pairing perfectly with favorites like foie gras, an aged comté, or a dessert. And if you’re eager to pick up a bottle to impress your next dinner guests, L’Hydromel de Paris can be purchased at La Grande Epicerie.
A cult beverage in Paris: Hydromel de Paris

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Written by Erin Dahl for the HiP Paris Blog. All photos by Briag Courteaux. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in.

Written By

Erin Dahl

Erin's had a whimsical affair with Paris since her first trip as a wide-eyed teenager. She is Editor for the HiP Paris Blog as well as Co-founder of Content Coopérative, Paris's first English-native content agency. View Erin Dahl's Website
Photos By

Briag Courteaux

Briag Courteaux has been living and working in Paris independently since 2009 as a photographer, working between documentary, personal research, institutional assignments, and private projects. View Briag Courteaux's Website

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Un lieu complétement insolite. j’adore !

What a story, from the heights of Paris buildings to the depths of the catacombs comes a mead made from honey….. sounds delicious.

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