The best restaurants near the Bon Marché like Mamie Gateaux and its counter of cakes.

Mamie Gâteaux

Aristide Boucicaut opened the world’s first department store in the 1850’s. Le Bon Marché was an instant and enduring success, changing shopping habits (and the neighborhood) forever.

Best restaurants near Le Bon Marché like Mamie Gateaux for chocolate mousse, biscuits and coffee.

Mamie Gâteaux 

The magnificent Hôtel Lutetia was built across the street to host out of town shoppers, and restaurants opened to feed them. Little has changed in the last 150 years and there are still a lot of great lunch options in the area, making it hard to choose just one!

A Paris apartment building with balconies near Le Bon Marché department store.

Café Varenne –  Although they all have similar menus, not all cafés are created equal and Café Varenne is a cut above the rest, using fresh, quality ingredients for simple, seasonal meals.

Best restaurants near Le Bon Marché like the Café Varenne with its outdoor seating in summer.

Café Varenne

Their tomato shrimp tartare is a summer favorite, while the 7-hour leg of lamb satisfies diners in the winter. Locals have their own tables, with their names painted above, but on sunny days, the sidewalk tables on the rue du Bac are the hottest seats on the block.

Café Varenne. 36 rue de Varenne, 75007. tel: +33 (0)1 45 48 62 72.

Best restaurants near Le Bon Marché like Mamie Gateaux with its decor of jars for foodstuffs that recall your grandmother's kitchen.

Mamie Gâteaux

Cuisine de Bar – Literally, bar cuisine, the meals at Cuisine du Bar do not require an onsite kitchen. Part of the world famous bakery Poilane, the house specialty here is the tartine, an open faced sandwich served on Poilane’s country bread. Gourmet ingredients like avocado purée, foie gras and smoked salmon turn a simple treat into a sophisticated meal, served with salad or hearty soup and a glass of wine. The affordable, easy menu is a favorite with the sales staff from the local boutiques and tourists from across the globe.

Cuisine du Bar. 8 rue de Cherche Midi, 75006. tel: +33 (0)1 45 48 45 69.

One of the best restaurants near Le Bon Marche is Le Cherche Midi for classic French food and outdoor seating sheltered by a red awning.

Top image: Mamie Gâteaux & Bottom image: Le Cherche Midi

Le Cherche Midi – Very few tourists head to this neighborhood favorite, because the cuisine is not French. Le Cherche Midi serves high quality Italian meals to regulars who come for the original antipasti platter, excellent pastas and very traditional meat dishes. During truffle season, it’s a decadent delight just sitting in the dining room, inhaling the exquisite fragrance as waiters weave their way through the intimate space, balancing baskets of fresh foccacia bread and bottles of artisanal olive oil.

Le Cherche Midi. 22 rue du Cherche Midi, 75006. tel: +33(0)1 45 48 27 44.

One of the best places to eat near Le Bon Marche is La Laiterie Saint Clothilde with its slate gray exterior.

La Laiterie Saint Clothilde

La Laiterie Saint Clothilde – This spot is a modern mom-and-son restaurant that takes French cuisine and gives it a modern twist by reviving farm-to-kitchen classics like carrot green soup and fava bean sides. While the vegetable dishes here are more original than those served by most French kitchens, the focus still remains on fish and meat. The food is light and delicious, served in an understated-yet-trendy mid-century dining room. La Laiterie attracts a pretty serious fashion crowd and has become so popular, they opened up the Basque-inspired Graff just two doors down.

La Laiterie Saint Clothilde. 64 rue de Bellechasse, 75007. tel: +33 (0)1 45 51 74 61.

The window of Paris restaurant Laiterie Saint Clothilde near Le Bon Marché with a picture of jug on it (left) and the chalkboard menu in the window (right).

Outside Le Bon Marche department store in Paris and its Art Nouveau glass details.

Top image: La Laiterie Saint Clothilde 

Le Babylone – Walking into this traditional bistro with its white lace curtains and red-and-white checked tablecloths feels like time travel: welcome to Paris circa 1954, minus the Gitane cigarette smoke. If the three rather stern waitresses look alike, it is because they are sisters and daughters of the woman behind the bar. A son-in-law runs the kitchen, cooking up daily specials that evoke grandma’s kitchen: roast lamb with mashed potatoes, pork loin and green beans, or a salad plate that includes celery root and beets.

Le Babylone. 13 rue de Babylone, 75007. tel: +33 (0)1 45 48 56 12.

Best restaurants near Le Bon Marché like Mamie Gateaux with its chalkboard menu outside (left) and outdoor seating (right).

Best restaurants near Le Bon Marché like Mamie Gateaux with its decor that recalls your grandmother's kitchen with colorful bowls and sweet jars.

Top & bottom image: Mamie Gâteaux

Mamie Gateau – A charming antique store with French country kitchen classics, classroom maps and candy displays for sale, this is also one of the most popular lunch spots in the quartier, with young couples crossing town to try the mouth watering quiches and tourtes. A list of housemade tarts fills the daily blackboard. Rough, wooden tables and mismatched chairs make for a cosy room which opens for lunch and serves bites through tea time.

Mamie Gateau. 66 rue du Cherche Midi, 75006. tel: +33 (0)1 42 22 32 15.

Best restaurants near Le Bon Marché like Mamie Gateaux and its flea-market wooden chairs and tables (left) and fun touches like this chalkboard of a woman saying 'Bon appétit' (right).

Mamie Gâteaux

Le Bon Marché. 24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007. tel. +33 1 44 39 80 00

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Best restaurants near Le Bon Marché like Mamie Gateaux for the delicious cakes like this cherry tart.

Mamie Gâteaux

Written by Sylvia Sabes for the HiP Paris Blog. All photos by Carin Olsson. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.


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  1. Linda, there are three gorgeous parks just steps away. Le Square Boucicaut between rue de Sèvres and rue de Babylon is named for the founder of the Bon Marché. Les Missions Etrangères is on the rue du Bac, next the delicious Bac à Glace ice cream stand and Catherine Labouré is a convent garden on the rue de Babylone, behind the Prime Minister’s residence.

  2. Aimee – I don’t know Le Petit Julien… do you have an address? I’d be happy to check it out!

  3. I’m from San Francisco, too. Glad this article was helpful. You are going to love your new adventure!

  4. we are moving to paris part time from San Francisco! Excited and nervous. love your blog .These recommendations are helpful since we are moving to quartier 7Th.

  5. we are moving to paris part time from San Francisco! Excited and nervous. Thank you for your blog .These recommendations are helpful since we are moving to quartier 7Th.

  6. Thanks for the great lunch spot ideas! Don’t forget Le Petit Julien on Rue du Cherche Midi. Classic and delicious cuisine in a sweet and cozy space.

  7. Can I tell you my favourite place to eat in that area?
    We love to go to Le Bon Marche food hall… drinks, rolls (& desserts) and take it all to a gorgeous little park that is simply steps from Le Bon Marche. We have done this many, many times….even sat there in a light snow fall.
    I know we shall do the same, when next we return to Paris.

  8. I just love your blog. I hope to one day go to France: to speak the language, eat the food and experience the culture. I think your blog is my new motivation to learn french and to become more fluent in it.

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