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Arty Dining: Paris’ Best Museum Restaurants

by Amy Thomas
Written By

Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas is a sweets-obssessed writer based between New York and Paris. She penned the Sweet Freak column for Metro newspaper and has written about Paris' best chocolatiers (New York Times), desserts for two (Time Out New York), chocolate for guys (Rachel Ray) and the best hot chocolate in the city (Metro). Check for updates from Amy on her blog, God I Love Paris. View Amy Thomas's Website

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10 comments on “Arty Dining: Paris’ Best Museum Restaurants

loveLOVElove the Café Suedois. She was obsessed with everything swedish, and lucky her, ended up marrying a hockey-playing, salmon-eating, blonde swedish man 🙂

Great list of picks! Café Suedois is one of my all time Paris favorites. A couple more Paris museum restaurants I might throw up there if I was going to super (duper mega!) splurge on museum dining: Cristal Room Baccarat and Les Ombres

Indeed food is part of the city for sure!
I wanted to report my last food experience: i am quite fond of cooking and meeting new friend so i had a cooking lesson with a Parisian guy at his place, he has a nice terrace close to the eiffel tower and that was really good time i found his class on his name is Chef Greg, he offers us Champagne at arrival.. i really recommend the experience!

He is giving a course late this month about macaron i think.

Art + Food. My favorite combo! Great list and I’m happy to report I’ve been to nearly all. My recent favorite being the outside terrace of ‘Le Saut de Loup’, gorgeous! A bit pricey but well worth the outdoor ambiance.

So cute, great post! But what about Restaurant Georges at the Pompidou? Gorgeous views, cool crowd, and yummy cocktails

I really love all your posts and I’ve got a question for you!
I am looking for a real streetstyle blog in Paris, not people from fashion show, just normal people.
I know Style and the city but it’s too much caotic and he shoots a lot of people from fashion business like models etc
I followed garance doré but she doesn’t shot anymore street, I do not like personal blogs of outfits like the blog of Betty, cherry blossom, etc.
I would like to have a realistic overview of Parisian style, par hasard you know anything like this?
thanks anyway!

Wonderfully informative post as usual. I’ve saved most of your posts in my “Paris” file which is now so full of good ideas that I’ll have to come and stay for about 6 months in Paris to enjoy them all – and you’ll be posting more!

What can be better than dining surrounded by world renowned art and creatively inspired dishes to delight both the eyes and the taste buds!

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