Antique Shopping in Paris: A Guided Tour of the Marché Aux Puces

Written By

Ariel Kocourek and Andrea Cherkerzian

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14 comments on “Antique Shopping in Paris: A Guided Tour of the Marché Aux Puces

I have been looking forward to doing this but just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve heard nothing short of it being completely fabulous! I did hear, however, that it’s not in the most desirable of neighborhoods. Visiting there, do you feel there is any reason to fret?

The Antiques Diva

Officially the puce is open on New Years Day – unoffically I’d say go at your own risk. The majority of vendors are going to be home celebrating (or recovering from those juletide celebrations)! Perhaps if you’re a die-hard antiquer you might want to go via taxi, have the taxi wait then make a run thru to see if it looks like it’s open enough to make it worth the time.
Good Luck! And let me know how it goes!
Toma (aka The Antiques Diva)

please let me know if january 1,anyone knows if the flea market will be open, i will be inparis for new year and this is a favorite stop for me on a sunday, please if anybody knowsthank you

Love this post! Great tips and gorgeous photos.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Toma and her divas are the best . I love this post about your adventure in the Paris flea market

MERCI BEAUCOUP for this lovely article!!! The whole team at The Antiques Diva & CO was so proud when we read this article!! Next stop?? You need to do our Tuscan Tours!!!!
Toma Haines
(aka, Chief Executive Diva, The Antiques Diva & Co)

pushups with polish

first time on your blog! it is great! i love it 🙂

Oh my, I need to do this!

I enjoyed your article, having been to all of the Paris flea markets many many times. And not to be overly picky but the last two pictures were of the Vanves flea market, not St. Ouen. I actually enjoy the smaller Vanves market for real affordability but for sheer variety and volume you can’t top Marche aux Puces. Coming back to Paris in three weeks, yippee!

How lucky to have a guide…it can be quite frazzling. Dangerous place for me…too many goodies, not enough time, money, or luggage! 😉

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